6th January 2017

Video: Learning to Wheelie – Gary’s New Year’s Resolution

United We Ride

Our Senior Graphic Designer, Gary, is a man of many talents. But doing a wheelie is not one of those talents, as you can tell in this short video. That’s why he’s going to spend the rest of the year becoming a wheelie expert, and you can leave your comments below to offer him encouragement (or slag him off.)

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8 comments on “Video: Learning to Wheelie – Gary’s New Year’s Resolution

  1. Simon Patterson on

    I’m 47, been cycling all my life. Can’t wheelie to save my life but I do have the Whyte 905 (2016) and it’s excellence makes up for my one wheeled shortcomings.
    Make me feel better and don’t bother learning

  2. Paulus on

    He wheelies better than I can, I can’t even get my front wheel of the ground 🙁 I’ll join him in his quest to become a wheelie expert (or at least semi-decent at doing them) by the end of 2017

    • Web Master on

      Gary recommends putting your first foot forward on the pedal, and as you push hard on that pedal pull the handlebars up and also lean back. The bike will have no choice but to come up! Good to practice on grass so you feel more comfortable with the idea of falling all the way backwards…


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