18th January 2018

Our Top 5 Step-Through E-bikes for 2018

What are Step Through Electric Bikes?

Step through electric bikes by Kalkhoff

Effortless cycling and German practicality on these Kalkhoff step-through e-bikes

Step through electric bikes are the pinnacle of practicality. Not only do you get to enjoy the effortless glee of using a pedal-assist motor, you can also step right onto both pedals without having to lift a leg over. They are ideal for men (yes, men) and women wearing business attire, skirts, kilts, or unfeasibly tight trousers. They’re also great for those who are recovering from injuries – or simply for those who like to make their lives easy.

Here are our 5 favourite step through electric bikes for 2018.

Kalkhoff Jubilee Move i7 2018 Step-Through £1559 [sold out!]

Kalkhoff Jubilee Move i7 Step through electric bikes

One of our best buys in commuter/trekking step through electric bikes, complete with hub gears and mudguards – guaranteed to get you from A to B with no sweat. You can buy the Jubilee Move i7 confident in the knowledge that Kalkhoff have sold over 400,000 e-bikes featuring its German engineered Impulse motor drive.

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Kalkhoff Jubilee Excite i7 2018 Step-Through £2,299 [sold out!]

Kalkhoff Jubilee Advance i7 2018 step through electric bikesShop all step-through electric bikes >

The Jubilee Excite I7 is an urban city e-bike made especially clean with its Shimano Nexus hub gears and its Gates Belt Drive, meaning fewer exposed moving parts (i.e. no derailleur and no chain) to get covered in dirt. Plus it has a longer range battery thanks to its high capacity 603Wh battery.

Kalkhoff Sahel Compact i8 2018 Compact 17AH £1,999 [sold out!]

Kalkhoff sahel compact step through electric bikesShop all step-through electric bikes >

The Sahel 20″ wheel urban e-bike offers the same quality turbo-charged ride as a 700c wheel Kalkhoff electric bike, but in a more compact, storable format. This is a good thing because their extra heft can make regular e-bikes comparatively unwieldy.

With it’s 17Ah (603 Wh) battery, this Kalkhoff Sahel Compact urban electric bike has an even bigger fuel tank than the standard 11Ah model for extended run times.

Kalkhoff Endeavour Advance i10 2018 Step-Through £2,599 [sold out!]

Kalkhoff Endeavour Advance 2018 step through electric bikesShop 2019 model now >

With superior looks thanks to its frame-enclosed battery, Kalkhoff bring a new integrated stealth look to their Endeavour Advance electric bike. In fact there’s a good chance that cyclists you overtake won’t even realise you’re riding with the assistance of an Impulse Evo RS, 36 V / 250 W motor.

The 540Wh Impulse battery is perfect for rides up to around 80km on mixed terrain and will be good for over 1,000 charge cycles (so it will last twice as long as many e-bike batteries).

Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 2018 £2,999 [SOLD OUT!]

Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 2018 step through electric bikesShop 2019 model now >

Unlike any cruiser bike you might have seen before, the Specialized Turbo Como comes superbly equipped with a Shimano SLX/XT 1×11 drivetrain and matching Shimano BR-MT500 hydraulic disc brakes for assured control. We especially like the additional features such as its e-battery powered lights, with the rear light neatly integrated into the rear of the pannier rack.

Specialized have developed a custom Turbo UI-504 battery that seamlessly integrates into the frame, and you can also connect the bike to your phone via Bluetooth to control battery life, customize your motor characteristics, provide a ride history and diagnose any technical issues. Plus it is, all in all, possibly the most comfortable urban electric bike we’ve ever tried.

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