6th November 2019

Our Top Step Through E-bikes

What are Step Through Electric Bikes?

Step through electric bikes by Kalkhoff

Effortless cycling and German practicality on these Kalkhoff step through e-bikes

Step through electric bikes are the pinnacle of practicality. Not only do you get to enjoy the effortless glee of using a pedal-assist motor, you can also step right onto both pedals without having to lift a leg over. They are ideal for men and women wearing business attire, skirts, kilts, or unfeasibly tight trousers. They’re also great for those who are recovering from injuries – or simply for those who like to make their lives easy.

Kalkhoff leads the way in the step-through range, with their German-engineered e-bikes that are reliable and unbeatably practical.

Our top Step Through Electric Bikes

Kalkhoff Image 3.B Excite (500WH) 2021 Step Through Electric Bike

Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Move+ (625WH) 2021 Step Through Electric Bike

Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Advance+ (625WH) 2021 Step Through Electric Bike

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