30th January 2021

Top 5 winter cycling tips from our MD, Alan Nestor

Cool commutes

Alan Nestor commute photoI am no expert* but I do pedal my bike all year round and understand that sometimes and some days are more challenging than others. As the snow recedes (for the moment) these are my key tips as I pedal through the winter.

1. Go fat. I find a wider tyre provides greater stability and comfort. My road bike moves from 26c to 28c tyre in winter. (I would go to 32c but for clearance & mudguards.) When the weather gets really grim I’ll switch to my mountain bike. (Of course not everyone has different bikes for different forecasts!)
2. Go flat. I take my tyre pressure down 5-10 psi from normal when conditions dictate. Again this, I feel, gives me more tyre surface area and stability.
3. Go clean. Is there anyone who enjoys cleaning their bike – I don’t! However, the crud on the road, compounded by salt and grit, can have a brutal affect on your bike. Wash down and lube your bike regularly. Moving bits will last longer and your bike will love you back…longer.
4. Go safe. Ice is your enemy. Black ice is your enemies enemy…that does not make it your friend but makes it your enemy x 10!! Ride ‘within yourself’ and apply n + 1 to bike lights.
5. Mudguards are your friends. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

(*Editor’s note: he totally is)

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