23rd May 2013

The Joy of Mountain Biking

There’s something special about mountain biking in the summertime when the weather is fine. The singletrack is half-baked. So are your fun-loving riding mates. It’s warm enough to go out in just a short-sleeve top and a pair of shorts. Just an afternoon out on the trails can re-create and replenish you as much as a good holiday.

Another great thing about mountain biking is that you don’t require good weather to have a great time – especially on forest trails where the trees do a great job of sheltering you from the wind and rain – even on days like this (posted 23 May 2013) when the traffic news reported closed snow-bound roads in the north of Scotland, just a month before the summer solstice.

Entry-Level Mountain Bikes

We have been pedalling mountain bikes and MTB equipment since the 1980s – same as the major bicycle companies such as Specialized and Cannondale. You can be confident that even our entry-level MTBs such as our Revolution Ascent XC Disc or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29er will be trail worthy and guaranteed to induce grins.

Mid-Level Mountain Bikes

Spending a bit more on a mountain bike takes you to another level.

With its lighter weight frame, built with thinner-wall butted tubing, a mid-level MTB makes once-forbidding uphills more climbable and tricky downhill sections more manoeuvrable.

A mid-level bikes’ Shimano 3×9 gear shifters and mechs are slicker and more precise than 7 or 8-speed systems. Knowing every click of the Rapidfire shifter will change gear without hesitation inspires confidence.

Its hydraulic disc brakes are similarly reassuring. The levers are virtually friction free so each brake can be applied with a single fingertip. The resulting single-digit speed control bestows extra confidence and helps you enjoy every downhill.

When your mountain bike works as well as a Whyte 529 or a Cannondale Trail SL4 you’re more likely to make the most of it. It’s a bit like when a guitarist upgrades from a budget instrument to a Fender or a Gretsch, the player is inspired to practice more frequently and is more likely to make beautiful music.

Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

You’ve sampled mountain biking. You liked it. You want to take it to the next level, but you don’t want to feel beat up at the bottom of every rocky downhill. It might be time to investigate the offerings of MTB suspension experts, Specialized and Whyte.

The Whyte T-129 is a slightly detuned version of the (sold out) T129S which deservedly picked up WhatMountain Bike’s Trail Bike of the Year award 2013.

That same magazine hailed the Specialized Camber Expert as ‘a hugely entertaining and enthusiastic trail bike for the money’ – see full review.

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