19th July 2018

Ten Good Reasons To Consider a Kalkhoff Commuter Bike

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People who come from Northern Europe to live in Britain have been known to comment, “You live in a country where rain is not unknown and it’s dark by 4:00pm in winter, yet you sell ‘city bikes’ that don’t come with mudguards or lights!”

Sure we can offer the pat answer, “we have a huge range of mudguards and lights to choose from and we’ll be delighted to fit them to your bike”.

Today we have a better response.

If you’re looking for an off-the-peg city bike that comes fully equipped, consider a Kalkhoff

Every Kalkhoff Commuter bike we stock boasts the following winning features.

1. German quality control

Kalkhoff Bike

Kalkhoff Endeavour P12 2018

Kalkhoff’s German factory is the cleanest, best equipped and most efficient bicycle assembly line our buyers have ever visited. It speaks volumes that über road bike brand Cervélo choose to get their bikes, destined for the European market, assembled by Kalkhoff.

2. Svelte aluminium frame

Unlike a hefty archetypal Amsterdam-style Euro bike, a Kalkhoff commuter/trekking bike will be built on a comparatively svelte aluminium frame with modern alloy components to ensure it rides as nicely as it looks.

3. Unisex diamond frame, women’s open frame and unisex step-through versions

To ensure the bike matches your personal preference, most Kalkhoff models are available in three frame options: unisex diamond frame, unisex step through and women’s open frame.

In Europe, step-through is the preferred option because it’s so practical for riding in towns and cities, cruising around the market stalls, regularly mounting and dismounting.

Also, because it’s more height adjustable, a step-through bike can be a perfect option for couples who live together and want to share the same bike. It can also double as a versatile lend-out bike for people, tall or small, who stay or airbnb with you.

Kalkhoff Durban Pro 2017

The Kalkhoff Durban Pro 2018

4. Gear shift options

As well as coming in three frame styles – diamond, open and step-through – Kalkhoff commuter bikes offer a wider range of spec options.

For instance, you can chose a Kalkhoff Durban with either Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gearing, Shimano Nexus/Alfine 8-speed hub gearing or a Shimano 3×9 derailleur drivetrain.

See more on the benefits of Shimano Nexus hub gears.

Even more impressive, the Kalkhoff Endeavour’s hierarchy goes from Shimano Nexus/Alfine 8-speed hub gearing, to Shimano Deore XT 3×9 derailleurs, to the top-of-the-line R14 model, which boasts what is generally regarded as the most advanced hub gear transmission made – the (again) German-engineered Rohloff 14-speed.

See every Kalkhoff Endeavour.

5. Proven specs

Having built bicycles for nearly a hundred years, Kalkhoff know what works best. Every Kalkhoff featured here rolls on all-weather, extra puncture resistant Schwalbe tyres. Even the least expensive Durban 7 model comes fitted with real Shimano V-brakes. Even better, the more expensive models are all equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. Why this is good.

6. Pannier rack

Enables the bike to take the weight of anything you want to carry, be it shopping, an office bag or panniers.

7. Full length mudguards

Full fenders are your best guarantee that you’ll arrive clean and dry when the roads are wet.

8. Heavy-duty kickstand

Enables you to park the bike where there’s nowhere convenient to lean it.

Kalkhoff Bike

The Kalkhoff Durban 7 2018 Step-through with sturdy kick-stand

9. Battery-free dynamo-hub lighting

To conform to German standards, ever Kalkhoff commuter bike comes fitted with a set of high quality front and rear LED lights bolted to the bike. That way you’ll never be caught out without them – an experience even the best-prepared cyclist has almost certainly experienced.

These lights are powered by the wheel’s front dynohub. No batteries means farewell to ever having to concern yourself with recharging or changing them.

Again to meet German standards, these lamps all have a standlight function so they stay on when you stop at the traffic lights (unlike traditional dynamo lights).

Having a law that makes bike lights mandatory on commuting bikes sound like fantastic common sense on a par with Germany’s famous beer purity laws, which maintain the highest standards by regarding any ingredient other than malt, hops, yeast and water as an illegal adulterant.

10. Practical bikes encourage people to cycle

It’s no accident that the do-anything, fully-equipped Euro trekking bike is the style of bicycle you’re mostly likely to see on the streets of North European cities, where a far higher proportion of the population are likely to cycle regularly.

This demonstrates that if you make your bikes more practical for everyday use, more people will want to ride them more often.

That’s a philosophy the Bike Co-op totally buys into.

That’s why we’re proud to champion Kalkhoff bikes.

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