23rd June 2016

3 ways to take your kids with you on a bicycle

kids seats for bicycles

Child seats, trailers, and trailer bikes

While some parents curtail their cycling once kids come along, more and more of us carry on regardless, thanks to the evolution of kiddy-carrying options – child seats, trailers and trailer bikes.

Child Seats

The kids’ seat is the most popular and often the least expensive means of carrying a child on a bike. Age range is from around one to four or five years old. A safety harness comes as standard so you can be sure your young’un stays securely seated.

For example…

Hamax Siesta Child Seat RRP £99.99 Our Price £89.99

hamax siesta child seat for bicycle

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Kids’ Trailer

A trailer enables you to cycle with one or two youngsters. As with child seats, the trailer’s age range is around one to five years old, and safety harnesses ensure the kids stay put in transit.

While it’s only natural to feel cautious about mixing it in traffic with your kids, you’ll discover that a trailer gives you so much presence; overtaking traffic tends to give you a wider berth, so you actually feel safer when you ride with a trailer in tow.

Most kids love getting around in a trailer. It becomes their mobile gang hut with a ‘my own wee world’ appeal, similar to playing in a tent.

For example…

Avenir Intrepid 2 Seater Kids Trailer £164.00

avenir intrepid trailer for bicycles

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Trailer Bike

A trailer bike is the best option when kids get to four or five years old and begin to outgrow childseats and trailers.

A trailer bike is an ingenious add-on that converts your adult bike into a child-toting tandem, so your youngster (up to eight or nine years old) can pedal along with you. Or freewheel and leave you to pedal. (Isn’t it great to have a pilot up front.)

Perhaps best of all, there’s the added bonus that a trailer bike offers a controlled introduction to that most valuable life skill – cycling safely in traffic.

For example…

Adventure Ditto One Trailer Bike £139.00

adventure ditto one trailer bike for kids

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kids seat on a bicycle

Despite her concerned expression, we have it on good authority that Co-op member Sheila’s daughter loves being on a bicycle.

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