13th November 2015

Take Away A Frog Today

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We believe in Frogs.

Why? Because a Frog bike is almost always the lightest weight and most thoughtfully-designed kids’ bike for the money.

That’s why our shops aim to offer the widest range of fully-assembled Frog bikes in the UK, covering every model, size and colour available.

That way, you won’t have to wait to get your hands on a Frog.

Instead, you can just pop into any of our shops with your young one to try out a Frog.

Then if you decide to buy one, you can take your Frog away that day, without delay.

Now that’s something to croak about.

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What’s so great about Frog kids’ bikes?

  • Frog are Britain’s kids’ bike specialists.
  • Specifically, Frog specialise in hybrid bikes and road bikes for kids.
  • (If you want a kids’ mountain bike, we can recommend a Specialized or a Ridgeback.)
  • The aluminium-rich spec, the smooth tyres and an absence of suspension makes every Frog model, almost always, the lightest weight, easiest-to-ride kids’ bike for the money.
  • It isn’t just the frame that’s lightweight aluminium alloy.
  • A Frog bike’s fork, wheel rims, hubs, cranks, handlebar, stem, seatpost, V-brakes and brake levers will all be aluminium too.
  • This makes a Frog kilos lighter than an equivalent bike with mostly steel parts.
  • A lighter bike is much easier to manoeuvre, it’s safer and it’s more fun to ride.
  • Frog hybrid bikes are fitted with narrower, faster tyres than the competition.
  • The bike comes supplied with a second pair of wider, knobbly tyres, so you can swap them over for off-road adventures.
  • Similarly, Frog road bikes come fitted with smooth road bike tyres, and supplied with a second pair of cyclo-cross tyres.
  • The Shimano Alivio Rapidfire 8-speed gear shifter on every Frog hybrid (size 52-plus) is better quality than you’ll find on any other kids’ bike at these prices.
  • Same goes for the Frog road bikes with their Microshift 9-speed dual control levers.
  • Frog bikes’ shorter-reach brake levers, cranks and handlebar stem are all proportioned for shorter riders’ comfort and safety.
  • A steerer limiter on smaller size Frogs (up to 48) prevents the common rookie error of oversteering.
  • Larger size Frogs (52-up) come with QR (quick release) wheels – just like better quality adult bikes.
  • As well as requiring no spanners, QR wheels fit the bike more securely than bolt-on wheels.
  • Frog bikes are available in a choice of colours: red, purple, orange and black.
  • Frog occasionally offer special edition Team Sky bikes, too.
  • Frog bikes come in a wider range of sizes to ensure your child gets a bike that fits better – again to guarantee maximum enjoyment.
  • For instance, while most of their competitors offer one 20”-wheel bike for 5-6 year olds. Frog do two sizes, a 52 and a 55.
  • Frog bike’s are sized by standover height (minimum inside leg measurement from crotch to floor). For instance, a Frog 52 has a 52cm standover height.
  • They also offer two sizes of 26” wheel hybrid bikes for 10-14 year olds, a 69 and a 73.
  • Fitted with a long seatpost with a quick release lever for easy adjustments, Frog bikes ‘grow’ with the rider.
  • Such well-made bikes tend to be very ‘hand-downable’ once they’re outgrown.
  • You can tell from everything they do that Frog are a British company owned by two young parents with a passion for getting their kids on bikes.

Why buy a Frog from the Bike Co-op? 

  • We aim to stock the full Frog range in all their bright gorgeous colours.
  • We keep a full array of fully assembled Frogs instore so you can try, buy and take away the bike in one quick shopping trip.
  • Coming to our shop ensures your young one is correctly fitted to the right size of bike.
  • If we don’t have the bike instore, but do have it in stock, we can arrange free weekday delivery to any UK mainland address.

    Free Frog Takeaway

    We’re giving away an exclusive Free Frog Takeaway full of Frog goodies with every Frog bike purchased.

  • If we don’t have the bike instore, but do have it in stock, we can arrange free weekday delivery to any UK mainland address.
  • One-stop shopping – we have the kit to go along with the bike, such as a great range of helmets – toddler to teen sized – and can help the young one get properly fitted.
  • Try before you buy – test rides encouraged.
  • Every children’s bike we sell is professionally assembled and checked over in our Edinburgh workshop – same as our adult bikes.
  • We are a flatpack-free zone.
  • We offer a free 6-week service on every new bike.
  • We know Frog bikes intimately having stocked them since their launch in Autumn 2013.

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