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The Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

The Benefits of Cycling There are many benefits of cycling.  It’s better for the environment. It’s great for physical fitness. Not to mention the financial big plus if your ride a bike rather than run a car. However, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re talking mental health benefits of cycling. While we’re not… Read more »

3 Essential Yoga Poses for Cyclists

Written by Kirsty, Sales Assistant at Edinburgh Bruntsfield and yoga teacher In cycling, the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hips never rest. As a result, riders often have overdeveloped quadriceps and tight hamstrings, which can pull the hips out of alignment. Also, a cyclist’s spine is constantly flexed forward. If proper form isn’t maintained, it can result… Read more »

10-minute Yoga for Cyclists

yoga for cyclists

A bit of yoga for cyclists featuring a lazy dachshund on the left. We teamed up with yogi extraordinaire Tamara of People’s Republic of Yoga for a bit of advice on how to re-balance the body, and the result is two 10-minute yoga for cyclists routines. The routines are designed to be just long enough… Read more »

How to motivate yourself to cycle more

cycling motivation

Even if you’re familiar with the benefits of cycling, it’s easy to restrict yourself to just the occasional specific ride – especially in winter. Here’s 12 things you can try to get you to ride more. Feeling too tired to ride? Just get on the bike and within minutes, you’ll almost always feel energized, happier… Read more »

12 reasons why cycling beats other forms of exercise

Ex rugby internationalist turned broadcaster John Beattie hosted an interesting TV programme on 2 January 2017 called The Medal Myth. The show questioned the received wisdom that success at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games had been an incentive for more people in Britain to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It demonstrated that while international sports success… Read more »