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Best Electric Bikes: Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff: The best electric bikes around If you’re looking for the best electric bike in 2019, take your pick from these Kalkhoff e-bikes. But why are we such big fans? Here are three reasons: Best quality: German engineering at it’s finest! Kalkhoff bikes are designed and assembled with precision in a high tech facility in… Read more »

Sale: Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.1 Advance 2019 Women’s Electric Bike

SAVE 15% ON A KALKHOFF ENDEAVOUR 5.1 ADVANCE – NOW ONLY £2,464.15! Key Features: Made by trusted manufactuere Kalkhoff – who have sold over 400,000 electric bikes Enclosed battery (500Wh) Ideal for riding on both smooth roads and rough tracks Need to Know Price: £2,465 [was £2,899] Models: Step-through | Women | Men Size: small… Read more »

Crowdfunding Campaign: Electric Cargo Bikes to reduce food waste

Love Food: Hate Food Waste We all know that food waste is bad. It’s not good for the environment, consumers, producers or retailers.  That’s why we’re supporting this campaign by Food Sharing Edinburgh. It’s a simple concept – some might say it’s as easy as riding a bike! They want to purchase two electric cargo… Read more »

Electric Bikes: everything you need to know

What actually is an electric bike? An electric bike which can be known as an ebike, e-bike or motorized bicycle, is essentially a regular (or acoustic) bike: it’s still got the look of a regular bike (breaks, chain, handle bars etc)… and you still need to pedal (but maybe not as hard as you would… Read more »