23rd November 2016

Sugoi Zap Jacket: Staff Review

sugoi zap jacket reflective cycling jacket

Sugoi Zap Cycling Jacket, RRP £99.99 Our Price £49.99

Long-term test by Bike Co-op member, Ged

ged-rides-the-beastie“I’m now into my second winter of riding near-every day wearing my Sugoi Zap Bike Jacket. When I heard we’re doing it at half price (that’s less than I paid for mine with staff discount) I thought I’d share just how impressed I’ve been with this jacket.


This jacket features Zap technology. Zap refers to the 100-plus glass reflector pixels per square inch, embedded in the garment’s fabric.

These glass beads light up when shone upon to deliver what Sugoi describe as ‘explosive illumination’. Knowing that this jacket will surely get me seen whenever approached from any direction by any vehicle with its front lights on makes for more self-confident night riding.

Normal looks

The Zap pixels are subdued when not shone upon so I can wear it as an everyday black jacket when I go to a football match, a gig, the opera or whatever.

Superb cut

The Sugoi Zap is, by far, one of the nicest cut cycling garments I’ve ever worn. I would describe the tailoring as, fitting without constricting.

Following classic cycling jacket lines, the Sugoi Zap’s sleeves and tail are extra long and the collar is high to ensure maximum coverage.

Being 6 feet 6, I’ve learned to accept that some of the clothing lines we do don’t come in my size. I’m happy to say the XXL Sugoi Zap fits like it was made for me. We currently have this jacket in S-XXL men’s and XS-L women’s sizes so there’s a good chance we’ll have it in your size too.

Waterproof performance


Low in the back for road spray, and snug without being tight fitting.

Truly wind and waterproof, I can honestly say that the Sugoi Zap rivals Gore-Tex when it comes to keeping out the rain.

Being fully lined, the Sugoi Zap is warmer than an unlined top, making it my go-to cycling jacket whenever it’s chilly. The main body of the jacket is mesh lined for extra breathability. The sleeve lining isn’t mesh. It’s smooth so it won’t snag my watch when I slip my arm into the sleeve – a perfect illustration of the extra care that Sugoi take over every detail.

More details

The full front zip is water-resistant and lined to keep out the elements. A zipper garage on the collar means you don’t get it in the neck. The collar is light-fleece lined for enhanced comfort and longevity.

The lower hem and wrists are elasticated. Personally I prefer this simpler approach over Velcro straps or cord adjusters to keep the jacket in place.

The rear pocket is covered with a flap to disguise it. This pocket is large enough to carry the essentials I take on any ride – wallet, iphone and keys.


I wouldn’t rate the Sugoi Zap as breathable as my Gore-Tex jacket, but this isn’t really an issue for me.

Just as I switch between a lightweight and a heavier duvet depending on the season, I reach for the warmer Zap jacket over the winter months – exactly when its explosive reflectivity is most required – then go back to my more breathable Gore top in summer.


If you want a better cut, genuinely waterproof winter cycling jacket whose stealth reflectivity might save your ass, zap along to the Bike Co-op and pick up this Bike Jacket while stocks last.”

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One comment on “Sugoi Zap Jacket: Staff Review

  1. anna on

    What is the difference between Gore-Tex and your technology? Is it light and also the rain doesn’t come through at all? Is this like Gore-Tex active jacket? Because the price is a lot more reasonable. And I have been looking for a jacket like this for a while now. Plus one more question – do you also make other equipment – not just bike jackets?


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