6th February 2019

Sram Red eTap AXS

Sram Red eTap AXS | S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019

The S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019 has arrived in our Newcastle store! Equipped with Sram Red eTap AXS, read on to find out why this bike is as good as it sounds!


If you’re buying a 2019 bike with electronic shifting, it’s likely to be fitted with SRAM eTap or Shimano Di2. This blog will focus purely on the SRAM eTap; what it is and why it enhances performance. In a nutshetll, S-Works describe it as:

“SRAM’s RED eTAP AXS group provides exceptionally crisp shifts, smooth braking modulation, and it keeps the overall weight of the Venge at an absolute minimum.”

What is electronic shifting?

Unlike a mechanical system, the front mech acts ever-so-slightly differently depending on the sprocket you’re in at the time. The likelihood of the chain coming off the inside of the small chainring when shifting down is far less with electronic compared to mechanical. In essence, electronic gives you exceptionally quick and accurate shifting, even under load.

One thing to note is that electronic shifting performs so well, it might be easy to forget about your bike maintenance. Don’t! Your bike will still need some TLC. Take a look at our maintenance classes or book it in for a regular service to prevent it from needing some costly repair work down the line.

Is SRAM Red eTAP AXS the best?

While there is always going to be arguments over which is the best. The SRAM has had some very positive feedback. Rated 4.5/5 by Road.cc who said:

“The fact that it’s wireless is impressive enough, but when you’re riding, this is overshadowed by the ergonomics and performance of the groupset. In my opinion it offers the easiest and most intuitive shifting layout of any groupset currently on the market. It’s a joy to use.”

Obviously, the batteries will need charged at some point (SRAM claims the batteries powering the derailleurs are good for up to 60 hours (or 1,000km) of typical riding while the batteries inside the shifters are meant to last two years (based on 15 hours a week). Inevitably, they’ll need charged whether they last that long or not and thankfully, there are LED lights to warn you when it’s time to charge. You can easily take the batteries out to charge them inside while leaving your bike in its normal storage place.

What’s more, is that Sram Red eTap is now 12-speed, offers a wider gear range and can be customised via the AXS app.

Sram Red eTap AXS | S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019

© Sram

The rest of the bike

Sram Red eTap AXS | S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019“Aero is Everything” is what the S-Works lives for and for the S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019, they took that motto even further. It’s eight seconds faster than the ViAS, and they claim it’s the most aerodynamic bike on the road! Plus, it weighs 460g less.

The frame is 11r carbon, Rider-First Engineered™ which makes it aerodynamic and lightweight. It was developed after hours of testing and real-world rider feedback while the Roval CLX 64 disc wheels perform excellently in crosswinds making them ideal for performance riding in less than perfect conditions.

Buying the S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019

Sram Red eTap AXS | S-Works Venge Disc Red eTap 2019Take a look online or pop into our Newcastle store (or give them a call on 0191 265 8619) to see this bike for yourself.

With 0% APR Finance on offer, you could be the proud owner for £406.25 per month.

Or if you want to see our entire S-Works range, take a look here.

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