The benefits of a SRAM 1×11 drivetrain

Sram Drivetrain bicycle

  1. Thanks to its 10-42 tooth 11-speed cassette, you get a massive gear range (over 400% difference between top and bottom gear) in a simplified format comprising a single shifter, a single gear mech and a single chainring.
  2. Doing away with the front derailleur, the LH shifter and one or two chainrings means less weight, less complication and less to go wrong.
  3. The 1 x 11 transmission delivers benefits any cyclist can appreciate.
  4. The beginner will be spared learning about what they have to push or pull on each lever to get into a lower or higher gear.
  5. With a single lever, gear shifting becomes immediately more straightforward.
  6. Even massively experienced racing mountain bikers appreciate this simplicity in the heat of competition.
  7. No more ‘double shifting’ to get in the right gear.
  8. The German-engineered SRAM X-Sync chainring is at the heart of 1×11 technology.
  9. This chainring features alternating thick/thin teeth which mesh more accurately with the corresponding wide space between the chain’s outer links and the narrower space between the chain’s inner links.
  10. The X-Sync chainring’s tall square-edged teeth mesh so accurately with the chain, this design has virtually eliminated the possibility of a dropped chain.
  11. The SRAM GX rear derailleur’s roller bearing clutch keeps the chain in constant tension to delivers maximum drivetrain stability and incredibly positive shifting, while virtually eliminating derailleur bounce and chain slap.
  12. This derailleur’s X-Horizon ‘straight parallelogram’ design limits movement to the horizontal axis to ensure fast accurate shifting, while the mech’s large upper pulley’s offset design helps eliminate ghost shifting by maintaining a constant gap between the chain and the jockey wheel in every gear.
  13. The derailleur’s ‘Cage Lock Technology’ facilitates easier wheel fitting/removal.