17th April 2014

Spring is in the Air – Time to Try Something Different

Spring is in the airI (the Bike Co-op’s Ged) was one of those lucky people with a small fleet of bikes: namely a mountain bike, a road bike and a commuter bike.

Last week wasn’t my luckiest. A mechanical put the big green commuter bike off the road, while awaiting a replacement part. Then the road bike got nicked.

For the first time ever, I considered attempting my 12-mile each-way commute on my full sus mountain bike.

I prepped the bike by pumping the fat tyres up to full pressure, adjusted the shocks to their firmest setting and chose a more cross-country route to work.

Sure it took around 10 minutes longer, but I have to say, mountain biking to work on ‘the wrong bike’ wasn’t just okay. It was a blast.

Sure, it helped that, weather-wise, this has been one of the best weeks of the year, but to see the countryside come to life en route on the commute was exhilarating. On one trip, I spotted foals, lambs, a hare and two herons. The herons didn’t even flinch when I whished past, no more than two metres from their perches.

This got me thinking. It’s so easy to obsess about having the right bike for whichever terrain.

We say, it’s spring time. Get out on any bike at your disposal. Go solo, go with your friends, take the family and enjoy.

Why? Because as The Guardian suggested a week ago, hopping on your bike is the best thing ever.

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