31st March 2016

What’s so special about Specialized Women’s Clothing?


Probably the best way to explain why we’re really excited about the arrival of Specialized’s Spring/Summer 2016 clothing collection is to flag up the extra care and detailing they put into even that most basic cycling essential – their RBX black Lycra short.

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Specialized Women’s RBX Short £35

Specialized Womens RBX Cycling ShortBuy now >

RBX is the clothing equivalent of a Specialized Ruby or sportive road bike. That is – it’s made for putting in the miles (long or short) in maximum comfort to help you get the most enjoyment from every bike ride.

The RBX short is made in a more substantial Lycra for extra muscle support. The Lycra panels are curved to better follow your shape. The wider waist elastic reduces pressure on the belly. The antibacterial synthetic chamois pad is sculpted to offer extra sit bone cushioning.

Clearly, the RBX isn’t just any Lycra short. And that’s the Specialized difference.

Specialized Women’s RBX Sport Short £45

Specialized womens rbx sport short cyclingBuy now >

The Sport version of the RBX short offers something else we love about the 2016 Specialized women’s clothing range – a welcome dash of colour. Also, its deeper waistband and its V-shaped belly panel make for a pressure-free, non-slip fit. It’s more deluxe Body Geometry chamois with extra sit bone cushioning makes this short particularly recommended for longer rides.

Specialized Women’s RBX Comp Short £55

Specialized womens rbx comp shortBuy now >

Specialized’s top-of-the-range RBX short’s Action 200 fabric is a particularly soft and comfortable Lycra-rich yarn, while the higher spec Body Geometry RBX Comp pad is shaped to suit riding in a more athletic flat-back position.

Specialized Women’s RBX Comp Knicker Tight £60

Specialized womens rbx comp knicker tight cyclingBuy now >

Prefer more coverage for those cool mornings? Then consider this pair of calf-length 3/4s, made in a soft-touch stretch fabric called Action 210, which is especially resistant to pilling and abrasion. Boasting the same Body Geometry RBX Comp chamois as the Comp Shorts, comfort in the saddle is guaranteed.

Specialized Women’s SL Elite Short £60

Specialized womens cycling SL Elite short

Buy now >

Also optimised for road cycling, the SL Elite Short is also made of Action 200 soft-touch fabric. However it boasts an even higher spec four-way stretch chamois manufactured by CyTech – the Italian company who invented the elastic 4-way stretch chamois.

Specialized Women’s Shasta 3/4s £55

Specialized womens shasta 3/4 tight cyclingBuy now >

Unlike most cycling 3/4s, Specialized Shasta knickers don’t have a chamois pad. This can be a good thing if you want a nice pair of 3/4s that will readily double for gym, yoga class or general leisurewear. Plus you can always wear these 3/4s over padded Lycra shorts when you cycle.

Specialized Women’s Shasta Top £45

Specialized womens shasta top cyclingBuy now >

The Specialized Shasta long sleeve jersey combines a casual style with the attributes you look for in a cycling top – in particular, a soft, comfortable, fast-wicking stretch fabric, and back pockets to carry essentials.

Specialized Women’s RBX Sport Short Sleeved Jersey £40

Specialized Womens RBX Sport SS JerseyBuy now >

Like Specialized RBX shorts, this top really stands out from the crowd. The colours look good and match the RBX shorts. The cut is more relaxed than a pure road race jersey, but it retains authentic cycling jersey features, such as the convenience of a full front zip and the storage capacity of three rear pockets. Last but not least, this top offers extra protection in the shape of UPF50 sun blocking and a reflective strip on the rear hem.

Specialized Women’s RBX Comp Short Sleeved Jersey £60

Specialized womens rbx comp short sleeve jersey cyclingBuy now >

The Comp version of the RBX jersey’s more streamlined, ‘semi-form’ fit is just the ticket if you enjoy riding fast.

Specialized Women’s SL Elite SS Jersey £65

Specialized womens SL elite SS cycling jerseyBuy now >

This jersey’s 14% Lycra content helps create a better-fitting cycling top that feels smoother on the skin. The integral sunglass-wipe panel at LH hip level is another example of Specialized’s attention to detail.

Specialized Women’s RBX Comp Socks £9

specialized womens rbx comp socks cycling

Specialized Women’s SL Elite Socks £9

specialized womens sl elite socks cycling

As well as being a perfect match for neat-fitting cycling shoes, Specialized socks are made in a special bacteriostatic yarn called Meryl Skinlife, which is dedicated to keeping your feet fresh, healthy and hygienic.

Specialized Mountain Bike Clothing

Specialized Women’s Drirelease Merino Andorra Jersey £55

specialized drirelease merino andorra jersey cyclingBuy now >

Designed for mountain biking, equally fit for any leisure ride, this beautiful jersey is made with Drirelease Merino, which naturally insulates and wicks away sweat to help keep you warm without overheating.

Specialized Women’s Andorra Comp Jersey £45

specialized womens andorra comp cycling jerseyBuy now >

This is our first ever garment made in VaporRize fabric, made from recycled coffee and carbon yarns. This might sound weird but we assure you that the jersey has a lovely silky look and feel. What’s more, its Relaxed Mountain Fit makes it looser than a regular cycling top so it offers maximum comfort and freedom of movement on the trail.

Specialized Women’s Andorra Comp Short £65

specialized womens andorra comp short cyclingBuy now >

Loose enough to wear with knee pads but not baggy, Women’s Andorra Comp shorts are made in a heavier duty woven version of VaporRize to ensure trail-tough durability.

Specialized MTB Shoes

Specialized Women’s Riata BG MTB Shoes £75

specialized riata womens mtb shoe cyclingBuy now >

Its grippy sole and SPD cleat compatibility marks the Riata as a mountain bike shoe. These two features also make it a decent road bike shoe you can walk in. Like every Specialized shoe in this feature, it’s a BG (Body Geometry) shoe, clinically proven to optimize knee alignment, prevent ‘hot foot’ and hence maximise comfort and performance.

Specialized Motodiva Women’s BG MTB Shoes £130

specialized motodiva womens mtbBuy now >

The mountain bike race-ready Specialized Motodiva shoe boasts a Boa dial – the choice of most pro cyclists – to ensure the best possible fit.

Specialized Women’s Cadette BG Shoe £65

specialized cadette womens cycling shoeBuy now >

This is a super comfortable more leisure-oriented Body Geometry shoe you can wear all day, on or off the bike, with or without SPD cleats.

Specialized Road Shoes

Specialized Spirita Women’s BG Road Shoe £75

specialized spirita womens road shoeBuy now >

The thinner, stiffer, smoother sole with three-bolt drilling to take a Look/SPD SL cleat marks the Spirita out as a pure riding shoe optimised for road cycling.

Specialized Torch Women’s BG Road Shoe £100

specialized torch womens road shoeBuy now >

Like most road shoes, the Torch has Velcro straps rather than laces for fast, safe closure. Better still, the Specialized Torch shoe’s top strap has a low-profile SL ratchet buckle, which guarantees even more fine-tunable and secure closure.

Specialized Women’s MTB Helmets

Specialized Sierra Helmet £30

specialized sierra womens helmetBuy now >

Borrowing technology proven on Specialized’s more expensive helmets, such as 4th Dimension Cooling and a Hairport ponytail-compatible anti-rock belt, the Specialized Sierra is one of the best buys in trail-style lids, which offers more rear coverage than road bike-oriented cycling helmets.

Specialized Andorra Women’s Helmet £55

specialized andorra womens helmet indigoBuy now >

This exceptional trail lid’s wider, deeper, cooling vents help you let off steam on long climbs, while its colour co-ordinate moto-inspired aFIX visor blends in seamlessly with the main body of the helmet.

Specialized Women’s Road Bike Helmets

Specialized Duet Women’s Helmet £40

specialized-duet-womens-helmetBuy now >

Its sleek shape, its low-profile front, its 20 long vents and its lack of visor mark the Duet out as a road bike-oriented helmet. Its Hairport ponytail-compatible fit belt and its 4th Dimension Cooling confirms it’s a genuine Specialized lid.

Specialized Aspire Women’s Helmet £50

specialized aspire womens helmet disc Buy now >

The Aspire also stands out for its sleek road bike styling – this time with even more (27 vent) cooling power, which you’ll appreciate on every climb.

Specialized Propero II Women’s Helmet £70

specialized propero ii womens helmetBuy now >

You can tell from its extra wide side vents and gaping Mouthport that the Propero takes cooling to another level. At 240g its almost 100g lighter weight than, say, the Aspire, making it all the more wearable.

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