25th February 2019

Specialized Turbo Levo 2019 Range Guide

Specialized might have not been first to the electric mountain bike party but boy, was it’s fashionably late appearance worth the wait! The first Turbo Levo was introduced in 2016 and set the bar high for all e-mtb makers. Their motto “innovate or die” stands true today and every year the range has developed and improved.

For 2019, there are a several updates but the main features are:

  • Lighter weight (up to 1.2kg lighter)
  • New 700wh battery option (increase in range of up to 40%)
  • The 2.1 Brose motor is smaller, lighter but very powerful
  • Control the motor/battery through the Mission Control app or on the bike itself
  • New side arm frame bringing new geometry, sizing & kinematic (adopted from the Stumpjumper)
  • The new Turbo Levos are all 29″ (no more 27.5″)

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