7th September 2016

Specialized Turbo Levo 2017: The latest in electric mountain biking

Specialized Turbo Levo 2017

Updated 4th March 2019

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Turbocharge your ride

With the launch of the 2017 Turbo Levo range, Specialized have taken e-mountain bikes to a whole new level.

More torque

With 90Nm torque, the Turbo Levo has the muscle to boost you up the steepest hills with the minimum of effort.

Specialized Turbo Levo HT 2017

The Specialized Turbo Levo HT Comp 6FATTIE 2017

Progressive geometry

With its true trail geometry (slack 66.5 degree head tube angle, wide bars, short stem) a Turbo Levo can downhill like your favourite ‘acoustic’ MTB.

27.5-Plus tyres

Specialized’s 27.5×3-inch tyres deliver unbelievable cushioning and traction.

Top spec

M5 alloy frame, high-end RockShox forks, powerful Shimano or SRAM disc brakes: every inch of every Turbo Levo is spec’d for top-notch performance.

 Brose electric drive system

specialized turbo levo 2017 electric mountain bike Brose are a high-end automotive parts company based in groovy Berlin. Their motor unit has the best power to weight ratio in the industry – weighing 3.4kg (as against 4.0kg for the Bosch Performance CX and 3.5kg for the Yamaha X94). It also produces the most torque – 90Nm (as against 75Nm for the Bosch Performance CX and 80Nm for the Yamaha X94).

Mission Control app

This app connects the Levo battery with your smart phone and enables you, for instance, to programme the duration of your ride in hours, miles or kilometers. This app helps take the guesswork out of matching run time with optimal power output.

Looks the part

With its near-silent motor and its slim battery integrated inside the frame downtube your fellow riders might not even realise you’re enjoying power assist when you pass them on the climbs.


Put all this together and you will understand why even fit, experienced mountain bikers have taken to the Turbo Levo – first for fun reasons – never underestimate the glee you’ll feel when you swoop up previously impossible slopes with comparative ease. And, secondly, for its ability to take you farther – power assistance makes it easier to explore more trails in a day.

Review extract

I found myself looking at technical and steep features in a completely different frame of mind after only an hour aboard the Turbo Levo. Rather than approaching such features with little enthusiasm, I began scouting for possible ways up. On slightly easier inclines, finding the trickiest, most ridiculous way possible was the play—this all with a cheeky smirk. After two full days and over 62-miles (100km) on the bike, I continued to find myself cackling at the top of such stupidly difficult features in disbelief that they were now attainable.

The e-bike (and plus-size tires), while not for everyone, can make inclines that are beyond a rider’s natural ability completely possible, and the awkward, steep, and rocky multi-use trails of Moab are a perfect location to showcase this. Neither the elevation or the dry desert air were enough to tyre us out on the trails and we ended the days with more in the tank than we would have normally…If everyone were to have a go on one there would be guaranteed moments where the fun meter would be in the red zone, causing many a rider to reconsider their stance on e-bikes.’
See full review at vitalmtb.com

2016 – the year of the e-bike

With the introduction of sleek electric mountain bikes, exemplified by the Turbo Levo, and suave commuter e-bikes from Whyte, 2016 is turning out to be the year of the e-bike.

This year, more and more cyclists in Britain have started to catch up with our friends in Europe and began to regard e-bikes as a fantastic fun option for any rider – not just your granny – and discovered that riding a quality e-bike can be as life-affirming and joyous as going out on any high-end bike.

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2 comments on “Specialized Turbo Levo 2017: The latest in electric mountain biking

  1. Darren on

    Hi, Do you know if the 2017 Turbo Levo FSR 29 ST will be stocked in the UK or is it just being rolled out only in the rest of the world.

    • Web Master on

      Hi Darren, it doesn’t look like it will be available in the UK any time soon, but if you give us a ring on 0345 257 0808 we’ll be able to put in an enquiry with Specialized for you.


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