13th February 2017

Specialized Bike Highlights: Sirrus and Vita 2017


More than any other company, Specialized have a track record for creating bicycles that defined a whole category.

For instance, the 1981 Specialized Stumpjumper was the world’s original production mountain bike. The first endurance road bikes we had the pleasure to offer were the Specialized Roubaix in 2004 and its sister the Ruby a year later.

The same can be said for the 2000 Specialized Sirrus. This was pretty much the only 700c-wheel flatbar road bike you could buy off the shelf from your local bike shop at the turn of the century. The women’s equivalent – the Vita – followed a few years later.

As with their groundbreaking MTBs and endurance road bikes, Specialized nailed the Sirrus/Vita design from the start. With its road/cross bike-like geometry (73.5˚ seat tube / 71.5˚ head tube angles in medium) the Sirrus was quick steering so it rode more like a road bike than a comfort hybrid.

This made the Sirrus/Vita the perfect bike if you were looking for a fast, engaging ride but didn’t fancy drop bars.

As is the Specialized way, their Sirrus/Vita bikes have been continually refined over the years. Today, you can choose from a superb range, organised in an easy to understand ladder of quality.

The Range

Even the entry-level Sirrus/Vita models inspires confidence with their soundly-equipped Specialized signature A1 quality aluminium frames, which have the eyelets and clearance required if you’d like mudguards and/or rack fitted.

Specialized Vita 2017


Specialized Vita 2017

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Opt for the Disc version and the brakes are upgraded to hydraulics. Why this is good.

Then there’s the Sirrus/Vita Sport whose lighter weight carbon forks boast shock-damping Zertz.

Take it up to Sirrus/Vita Elite level and you get a wicked pro quality E5 alloy frame.

Specialized Vita Elite

 Specialized Vita Elite 2017

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To underline Specialized’s serious intent the range climaxes with three carbon frame Vitas and four carbon Sirrus models culminating in this 1×11-equipped black beauty…


Specialized Sirrus Expert Carbon 2017

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Strong contender for this year’s most striking bike.


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