16th November 2016

Specialized Hotrock – why they’re our most popular kids’ mountain bikes

specialized kids mountain bikes


Given that they invented the production mountain bike Specialized are uniquely qualified to create a better MTB. It’s therefore no surprise that the Specialized Hotrock kids mountain bike in 20 and 24” wheel sizes (for 5 – 14 year olds) has introduced more kids to the fun of mountain biking than any other MTB we’ve stocked over the past 20 years.

The Frame

Every Hotrock is built on an A1 Premium aluminium alloy frame for the perfect balance of light weight, strength and affordability.

The Ride

This alloy frame delivers what you want in a mountain bike. It’s light enough to ride up hills, tough enough to shrug off inevitable knocks and its nicely balanced to keep the rider centered and in control.

Specialized Hotrock 20 2017 kids mountain bike

The Specialized Hotrock 20 2017 kids mountain bike for £250.00

The Details

The Shimano twist shift gear changers are particularly child friendly.

The Hotrock 20 fits kids from around 5 to 9 years olds. Its ‘one-by’ 6-speed drivetrain keeps gear shifting simple for rookie mountain bikers. Then Specialized go the extra mile by fitting a roller chain guide to prevent the chain coming off (a common problem with any single chainring bike with no front mech).

The Hotrock 24 comes with a wider (3×7) range of gears because it’s made for older kids (8-14) who tend to want to do more climbing so they can enjoy longer downhills.

The name-brand coil-sprung SunTour suspension fork smooths out the bumps and improves steering control on rough terrain.

V-brakes on alloy wheels are proven stoppers and easy to keep in adjustment.

The treads are made by a top rated bicycle tyre company – Specialized.

Every Hotrock is fitted with a kickstand to encourage the young owner to park the bike upright (rather than ‘deck it’ as kids otherwise tend to do).

The bottle cage mounts are positioned lower down the frame downtube so there’s more room to fit a full size bottle. This might be a tiny detail but it eloquently describes the extra thought and care that’s goes into a Hotrock.

The frame dropouts (where the wheels are bolted to the frame and fork) are forged rather than pressed for long-term durability – same as you’ll find on a Specialized adult MTB.

Its this attention to every detail that helps guarantee that a Hotrock will offer years of fun and, if looked after, will be eminently hand-on-able to the next grateful owner.

The Specialized Hotrock 20 Girls 2017 kids mountain bike for £250.00


  • A kids’ bike should be small enough to ride safely and manoeuvre: big enough to offer years of growth.
  • Our sales people are trained to help steer you towards choosing the bike that fits best.
  • Try before you buy – test rides encouraged.
  • We are a flatpack-free zone.
  • Every children’s bike we sell is professionally assembled and checked in our instore workshop – same as our adult bikes.
  • We offer a free 6-week service on every new bike.
  • We know these bikes intimately having been an approved Specialized dealer for more than 30 years.

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