24th June 2019

Smoothie Bike

Did you know we have two Smoothie Bikes available to borrow (for free!) for your event?

What is a Smoothie Bike?

Just like the name suggests, it’s a bike that makes smoothies. With the power of your pedalling, the motor in the blender turns, making deliciously smooth smoothies. We have both a kid’s and an adult’s bike available making it great for all sorts of events.

Is the Smoothie Bike available in my area?

You can pick the Smoothie Bike up from any of our shops. Please contact us to book.

What does it cost?

There is no charge to hire a Smoothie Bike! You do need to book in advance though so please contact us. You’ll also need to supply your own smoothie ingredients – or ask local businesses for donations if you’re using the Smoothie Bike as a fundraiser.

Are Smoothie Bikes Fun?

Yes! Don’t take our word for it though:

Nether Currie Primary School

“Our annual PTA Summer Fair took place on Saturday 1st June…We also had, for the first time, a Smoothie Bike which was kindly lent to us by Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, where the children were able to come and ride the bike to power the blender to make their own smoothie!  Thank you to Vegware for supplying the cups, Iceland for the frozen fruit and Sainsbury’s for the juice and bananas…As always, we are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters for their generous donations.  We raised over £4,000 which is an incredible sum of money for the school and we are truly grateful to everyone who came along on the day and supported us.  Thank you!”

162 Brownies

“This was such a fun activity to teach our Brownies about healthy eating and keeping active. The girls really enjoyed it! They loved choosing their ingredients, adding them to the blender and then jumping on the bike to make their own smoothie (it only took a minute or two per child).

It was easy to set up – only taking a few minutes and the bike seat was easy to move up and down which meant the tallest and smallest girls could still ride with ease.

I’d definitely recommend this to any other groups wanting a fun, healthy activity!”

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