16th May 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Haibike Electric Mountain Bikes | The Bike Co-op

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Hot on the heels of the launch of Whyte’s game-changing Coniston e-commuter bike we’re equally stoked to say ‘Hi’ to Haibikes. Here’s why.

Haibikes are the best-selling e-mountain bikes in their native Germany, where they are famed for their grin-inducing ability to boost you up mountain bike trail gradients you might otherwise consider unfeasible.

“Haibikes are the best-selling e-mountain bikes in their native Germany”

Being best sellers in Germany is a significant claim when you discover that e-mountain biking is currently one of the fastest growing sports over there (and in the Netherlands and Belgium and….)

You could go so far as to suggest that the very existence of Haibikes has helped create the German e-mountain biking boom.

An analogy that comes to mind is GoPro who defined the whole action camera concept by making it easier to create high-quality footage on the move. Haibike have performed a similar trick by creating e-mountain bikes that make trail riding more accessible for more people.

What’s so good about Haibikes?

Talk the Torque

Every Haibike e-mountain bike delivers up to 300% power assistance via an integrated motor unit manufactured by either Yamaha or Bosch – the two world leaders in e-bike electronics. The motor’s 75-80Nm torque delivers the turning power, acceleration and muscle required to boost you up off-road inclines.


The Haibike Bosch motor, a thing of beauty.

Get Cranky

Every Haibike we stock has a Crank Drive motor. The motor unit is mounted at bottom bracket level – the strongest, stiffest part of the frame.

With its lower centre of gravity, a crank drive e-bike is more stable, the pedal assist feels more natural and the bike is better balanced than one with the motor mounted on the front or rear wheel.

Go the Distance

Every Haibike we stock is powered by either a Bosch or a Yamaha 400 or 500Wh rechargeable battery. That’s a big fuel tank, good for at least 30 miles (48km) riding in the most challenging conditions (that is a heavy rider, cycling hilly terrain, riding continuously in maximum 280% power-assist mode). If you drop down to 40% power-assist eco mode, you can extend the run time to 100 miles.

“The latest Haibike e-mountain bikes aren’t just for riders who can’t (or can’t be bothered to) keep up on a conventional pedal bike.”

A Haibike battery can be charged from empty to fully charged in 4.5 hours. If you want to go out for a quick blast, it’s good to know that the battery can be charged to 50% level in just two hours.

If you’ve ever had an e-bike crap out on you (as we electronic engineers put it) after 20 miles, you’ll appreciate the benefits of a high capacity battery.

Automatic for the People

The bikes’ electronics sensors gauge your pedalling input so the power assist kicks in automatically (no button pressing required) and predictably. (Less sophisticated e-bike systems can display an un-nerving ‘kick’ when the power comes on at low speeds.)


Details, Details

Every Haibike e-bike boasts GCI (Gravity Cast Interface) – a process borrowed from motocross bikes. The Haibike GCI is a perfectly formed aluminium/zinc casting, purpose built to cradle the Bosch or Yamaha crank-drive motor unit so it is fully integrated with the frame, with every mounting bolt and bearing seat CNC milled for 100% accuracy.

The motor is further shielded from scratches, dings and the elements thanks to its bolt-on Skid Plate – another Haibike innovation.

The multifunctional display operation unit/computer is neatly mounted to a recessed clamp area of the Haibike low-riser handlebars. You can slip off the display unit for security when you leave the bike unattended.

Who rides Haibikes?

Our contacts in Germany tell us that the people who have most embraced e-biking are lapsed mountain biker who were keen riders 5, 10 or 20 years ago, but dropped the sport when, say, family responsibilities took over.

The lapsed rider decides to get back into mountain biking and discovers that those long uphills are really tough after a long break, leaving him or her with two options – toughen up or give up. Now there’s a third way. Get an e-mountain bike.


Guido Tschugg, 4-Cross Champion at Fort William in 2015, loves a Haibike

25% gradients at 25 kph

It’s important to stress here that the latest Haibike e-mountain bikes aren’t just for riders who can’t (or can’t be bothered to) keep up on a conventional pedal bike.

E-mountain bikes have massive fun potential for everyone.

An e-mountain bike is the natural choice for anyone looking to experience the buzz of climbing 25% gradients at 25 kph – as fast as German pro rider, Guido Tschugg.

Guido Tschugg Rides Haibike

Guido Tschugg was the 4-Cross Champion at Fort William in 2015. He clearly has the strength and skill to ride a conventional MTB without power assist.

However Guido also chooses to ride Haibike e-bikes as he explains in his own words.

‘It’s quite simple, I love speed and physical activity. Therefore eBikes are the perfect combination for me to co-ordinate the physical activity of mountain biking with the dynamic of a motor. Haibike are the only ones who take this matter seriously and have the right products. It’s a completely new sport, something between mountain biking and motorcross, but healthier, more environmentally friendly, quieter, cleaner and above all awesome.’

Isn’t it cheating?

Not if it gets you outdoors, enjoying a blast in the countryside.

If you want to get more of a workout on your e-bike, you can always turn the power level down or switch it off. Remove the battery and it will ride like a conventional MTB.


Depending on your budget and intended usage, Haibike offer both hardtail and dual suspension e-mountain bikes.

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  1. Alexander Grant on

    I am interested in buying two Haibike Xduro All Mountain RC 2017 with one Bosch Nyon display
    Any chance of an offer similar to the one you had in May this year??

  2. Rod Grierson on

    I am in Australia and wish to do a cycling tour of Scotland. I have a HaiIbike with a 500W Bosch battery and wish to use that on my trip. As you know the problem is transport of Lithium batteries and therefore any chance of renting or buying a battery for my bike when I arrive in your fair city. Any help most appreciated.


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