2nd December 2016

Mini-workshop: How to set up your saddle for maximum comfort and efficiency


3-4pm Sat 4th Feb at Edinburgh Bruntsfield shop

3-4pm Sat 4th Feb at Newcastle shop

4:30 till 5:30pm Sat 4th Feb at Leeds shop

4-5pm Sunday Sun 5th Feb at Aberdeen shop

‘A demo on saddle setup? What’s that about?’ I hear you say. ‘Saddle setup is easy. Position the seat high enough to extend the leg without overstretching and you’re done. Everyone knows that.’

However, if I had a fiver for every time I saw someone cycling with the saddle way too low, I’d be rich enough to ride a gold-plated Cervélo.

Then we see bikes with the nose of the saddle pointing up or down. If that’s a personal foible, fair enough. But most people get on best when they’re on the level, bike seat wise.

Then there’s fore-aft adjustment. Too far back and you might have to overstretch to reach the bars. Too far forward will probably cramp your style.

And what about KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle)? Again it doesn’t suit everyone, but setting up your saddle so the front of the knee is in line with the pedal spindle when the cranks are horizontal is a good starting point for most riders.

Taking all these factors into account, saddle setup is a crucial issue when it comes to maximising pedalling pleasure and minimising the risk of knee discomfort or injury.

We’d go so far as to say that saddle setup can make the difference between enjoying cycling and giving it up. Hence the free saddle setup demos we’ll be running in our shops on the weekend of 17 and 18 December 2016.

Consider it a present for the patella.

Meet our Ass-0-meter

We take your comfort seriously. If you still don’t get on with your saddle – even when it’s perfectly positioned – we have a vast selection of potential replacements. While you’re in the shop you’ll be welcome to take a seat on our discreet Specialized ass-o-meter to double-check the recommended saddle size.


Any saddle purchased from our shops is covered by our no-quibble comfort guarantee. That is, if it fails to make you more comfortable, return it to the shop within a month of purchase, and we’ll replace it with an alternative saddle (or a gift voucher) to the same value.

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