3rd September 2015

Round the world from Porty to Porty by singlespeed

markusLong distance cyclist, blogger, photographer, speaker and Tour o the Borders volunteer bike mechanic Markus Stitz sets off today from Edinburgh’s famous beach resort, Portobello, on his longest bike ride to date – around the world.

Markus always brings a fresh approach to these challenges. His circumnavigation of the globe will not be a race against the clock (though he’s probably fit enough to break the record).

Instead Markus is set on enjoying the ride by giving himself a year to complete it and by breaking up the journey with week-long stops to meet up with old friends in his favourite cities such as Reykjavic, New York and Christchurch. Sounds like a good way to go.

Markus is such a one-off even his press releases are interesting. Here’s his latest.

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