23rd November 2016

Revolution Kids’ Bikes: Low weight, low price, high value



Built on the same ethos as our adult Revolution bikes we keep our kids’ bikes simple and we guarantee that they ride very well.

Keep it simple

We keep our offer simple by offering just two models.

  • The 20” wheel Revolution Explore fits kids from 5-6 years old till they’re 8-10.
  • The 24” wheel version fits bigger lads and lasses from around 8 to 14.

revolution kids bike explore 24 2016

Revolution Explore 24 2016


Lighter weight by design

We’re confident that our Explore bikes are the lightest weight and best equipped in their price and size range, thanks to the following features shared by both models.

  • The aluminium alloy frame makes a Revolution Explore significantly lighter than equivalent steel framed bikes.
  • The rigid fork is much lighter than a suspension fork and will never require maintenance.
  • The alloy mini V-brakes from a respected brand name (Tektro) and the alloy wheels save more weight and make for a safer bike that’s easy to control.
  • The semi-smooth hybrid tyres are lighter weight and faster rolling than the MTB knobblies found on most kids’ bikes.
  • The child-friendly Shimano Revo twist-shifter makes it easy to zap through the six gears.

Put all these elements together and you have a bike that’s easier for a young ‘un to ride. This is an all-round good thing because when a bike is easier to ride, you’re more likely to enjoy it. (Why else would an adult pay a 4-figure sum for a lighter weight bicycle?)

Same goes for kids – only more so. Give a child a lighter weight bicycle equipped with quality equipment and you maximise the chance that he or she will love going out on it. Our current Revolution Explore offer is a rare opportunity to snap up such a bike at a great price.


  • A kids’ bike should be small enough to ride safely: big enough to offer years of growth.
  • Our sales people are trained to help steer you towards choosing the bike that fits best.
  • Try before you buy – test rides encouraged.
  • We are a flatpack-free zone.
  • Every children’s bike we sell is professionally assembled and checked in our instore workshop – same as our adult bikes.
  • We offer a free 6-week service on every new bike.
  • You could get your money back. Find out about the golden ticket.


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