13th July 2016

Revolution Range Highlights: The Revolution Courier


We have discontinued our Revolution range due to supplier issues. Please browse commuter/hybrid bikes here.

The Revolution Courier is our famous (since 1999) fast urban hybrid/commuter bike that combines close-to road bike speed potential with flat bar familiarity.

The Revolution Courier is available in two options.

Revolution Courier 1 introductory price – only £249 [No longer Available]

revolution courier 1 2016


Revolution Courier 2 £399 [No longer Available]

revolution courier 2 2016

With Shimano 8-speed gears and probably the best upgrade you can make on any urban bike – hydraulic disc brakes – see blog.

Good things shared by every Revolution Courier

 Simplified gearing

The Courier 1 is a 7-speed bike. The Courier 2 is 8 speed. With its single shifter / single chainring / single gear mech Shimano transmission, our Courier flatbar road bikes epitomise the Revolution bike philosophy – all you need in a bicycle and not a single thing more theme.

Equipping the Courier with an extra low 34t rear cog means that you still get a decent range of gears – especially for hill climbing – without having to go to the complication or expense of equipping the bike with, say, 30 gears to choose from.

Strong wheels

The stout 32-spoke wheels are built with eyeleted, double-wall alloy rims to better cope with potholed roads and cyclepaths.


Our Courier bikes’ wheels are bolted on with Allen key security skewers that look like this. (While quick release wheels and seatpost clamps can be convenient for the rider, they can also be a gift for opportunistic scallies intent on nicking bike parts.) That’s why the saddle is also Allen bolted to make it more secure when the bike is left unattended.

Quality rubber

Every Revolution bike is shod by Kenda – one of the world’s best-respected tyre manufacturers.

Our Courier bikes are fitted with grippy, hardwearing, fast but forgiving Kenda 700×32 tyres with Kevlar (as used in bullet proof flak jackets) sub treads for extra puncture resistance.

Confidence-inspiring stoppers

Frequently spotted on the top brands’ four-figure bikes, Tektro Brakes are among the most reliable brands in bicycling.

You’ll find confidence-inspiring Tektro brakes on every 2016 Revolution bike.

Strong lightweight frame & fork – made to last

The 7005 aluminium alloy frame and hi-tensile steel fork are strong (lifetime guaranteed) and, for the money, relatively lightweight.

black-paint-canDurable finish

Speccing 30% matt black paint on every adult 2016 Revolution model is possibly the best example of creating deliberately utilitarian bikes. Why? Because this shade of matt black just happens to be the toughest, the most mark resistant and the least expensive shade in our frame builder’s palette.

We think you’ll agree that a matt black finish looks good without being too bling – not a bad idea on a bike you’re likely to leave unattended when you lock it up.

 Minimal branding

Believe it or not, the number of decals on many bikes run to double figures once you start counting the stickers on the wheel rims, handlebars, top caps and all. We’ve taken that number down to just three – just enough to identify the bike and register its legal CE compliance. Fewer decals mean more cost savings we pass on to you.

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