27th November 2018

Raleigh Balance Bikes

Raleigh balance bikes

These two limited edition models are mini versions of best selling Sherwood and Team Burner Raleigh bikes that you might have owned – or wished you owned – back in your younger days… And we have both in stock AND with 25% off!

“The Raleigh Burner is truly iconic in the bike world so we’re happy extend this heritage to a new generation of cyclists. This balance bike is a real all-rounder which will please parents just as much as it does for the kids.” Jane Bakes, Raleigh Product Manager

Sherwood Mini Balance Bike – £90 [was £120]

Sherwood Mini Balance Bike | Raleigh Balance Bikes

Sherwood Mini Balance Bike – save 25%

Why we love it:

  • Ultra cute 😍 – the pearlescent pink, wicker basket and classically inspired cream tyres all create the perfect vintage style balance bike
  • The lovely paint colour is protected by a lacquer coating so it’s not just stylish, it’s able to withstand the wear and tear you would expect to find inflicted on a well-loved children’s bike
  • It simplifies cycling – no pedals, gears or brakes to worry about

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Raleigh Team Burner Mini Balance Bike – £90 [was £120]

Raleigh Team Burner Mini Balance Bike | Raleigh balance bikes

Raleigh Team Burner Mini Balance Bike – save 25%

Why we love it:

  • Beautifully retro 😎 – the famous Andy Ruffel Team Burner colours alongside the black tyres with tan sidewalls make for a bike that is seriously cool
  • Along with looking epic, the comfortable saddle and grips made specifically for small hands make it fun and easy to ride too
  • With no pedals, gears or breaks – it’s ideal for children from 18 months upwards to ride

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