3rd May 2017

New pro quality bicycle workstands by Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports Bicycle Repair Stand


Feedback Sports Pro Elite Workstand [No Longer in Stock]

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Like the perfect bike, this workstand impresses straight out of the box.

When you open the silver-coloured clamp to release the tripod legs, you’ll know from its solid feel and perfect action that this is the smoothest-operating QR (quick-release) you’ve ever operated.

And just look at those legs! These wide-splayed tripod legs make for a super-low centre of gravity and a fantastically stable footprint.

Then you twirl the lever at the back of the workstand’s arm to set it at 90 degrees. Then lift the arm to secure it at the optimal height for the job.

Then you set the ratcheting clamp, which is over-engineered to hold any bike up to 85lb (38.6kg) at any angle in its secure grasp. This clamp opens up to 65mm wide so it will accommodate any size of seatpost or frame tube in existence.

Job done? Then press the button to activate the magic spring-loaded mechanism, which instantly opens the clamp, so no need to faff with any knobs or levers to release the bike.

Straight out of the box, you’ll find yourself in agreement with us that the American company Feedback have created probably the perfect portable bicycle workstand.

Feedback Sports Sprint Bicycle Repair Stand [No Longer in Stock]


For maximum stability this stand secures the bike at the fork dropouts. It therefore works on the same principal as the most secure roof rack cycle carriers, which are fork mounted like this one.

Super versatile, this stand secures the bike by the front or the rear dropouts and it can be used whether the wheels are quick release or through axle, and whether the axle spacing is standard size, Boost oversized or something in between.

Given the advice to be extremely wary about clamping carbon frame tubes or seatposts (or ultralight alloy, steel or titanium tubes for that matter) fork mounting sounds like a clever way to go.

Same as Feedback Sports Pro Elite Workstand

To make it perfect, Feedback engineer the Sprint Stand to the same standards and with the same features that make their Sports Pro Elite Workstand such a joy to use. That is: the anodised aluminium build quality, the super-stable tripod legs, the 85lb load capacity and the reassuringly over-built spring-loaded ratcheting clamp.

Freeclamp 360˚ rotation

This workstand has one more ace up its sleeve, which is unique to the Sports Sprint model. Its QR freeclamp allows you to spin the bike freely through 360 degrees while it’s clamped to the stand. This mechanism works so sweetly it will have you looking forward to hosing down and cleaning your bike. Imagine that.

To see this workstand in action, watch the video.


Also from Feedback – simple bike storage solutions

wstj-feedback-sports-fatt-rakk-storage-display-stand-gif_1Feedback Sports Rakk Storage and Display Stand

Looking for an ingenious means of parking a bike at home (or in you garage or hut) that doesn’t involve leaning the bicycle? Take a cue from our shops and consider a Rakk.

Now available in two versions, the original is good for any size of wheel from 18 to 29” up to 2.4” wide. The new Fatt model is for fat bikes with 3 to 5” wide tyres.

Rakks are so easy to use and so stable, we use them to display bikes in our shops, thanks to their simple but ingenious spring-loaded mechanism, best illustrated by this video.


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