Price Tracking at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative price tracking

Price tracking means our IT system automatically monitors our competitors’ prices, so we can adjust our prices where possible to make sure they’re competitive.

Since we launched price tracking at the end of January 2016, we’ve reduced the price of over 1,000 bicycle accessory and clothing lines. We’ve done this so that we can offer attractive prices on a varied and high quality range of cycling equipment

Price tracking doesn’t mean our prices will always be the lowest, though quite often they are. It also doesn’t mean we’ll match every price.

Price tracking doesn’t mean our prices will always be the lowest, though quite often they are. It also doesn’t mean we’ll match every price.

For instance, a competitor might choose to no longer carry an item and decide to sell it off at a loss to clean up their stock range. We sometimes run similar clearance offers but tend to reserve these bargains for our biannual end of season sales.

Some of our larger competitors enjoy multi-million pound venture capitalist funding. This gives them the finance and the infrastructure required to purchase cycling equipment from source (i.e. the manufacturer’s factory gate). This can mean that their retail price is lower than the cost price we pay the official UK importer for the same item.

Does this mean that we (and every other independent bike shop in Britain) should sell these items at a loss, or close our doors? Of course not.

We believe there’s still a place for a worker’s co-operative bicycle retailer dedicated to running the kind of bike store we would want to shop in ourselves. That is:

Shops dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers.

Shops where every customer can feel comfortable about asking advice without embarrassment.

Shops where the absolute beginner will be respected.

Shops where experienced riders can seek informed advice.

Shops with technicians on hand to check over your bike.

Shops where you can be confident that the advice offered is honest and fair.

Shops where we might suggest a cheaper option if it’s more appropriate to your needs.

Shops where you’ll get sound advice on fitting – not just for bikes but for shoes, saddles, shorts and the like too.

Shops that are owned by the people who serve you.

Shops that some of our customers refer to as their favourite store.

Such shops don’t run themselves for free. Being retailers, our wage costs are below average, but we still have to make a modest profit to pay for our premises and our people.

As a workers’ co-operative, we’ve enjoyed offering our customers a different kind of bike shop experience, in-store and online, for the best part of 40 years. We look forward to continuing to offer our services for the next 40 years and beyond.

We’ll do this by embracing initiatives such as price tracking, tailored to achieve that delicate balance of remaining profitable and competitive.

To read more about why we’re a co-op and what that means, check out our page The Kind of Shops We Want to Shop In.

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