1st June 2018

Bike Checks: Is your bike ready for that upcoming cycling event?

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One of the great things about bikes is that they can be very forgiving – even if you don’t look after them as well as the manual advises.

Even if the tyres are soft and the chain hasn’t been lubed for months, the bike will almost always get you there if you’re just riding a couple of miles to work.

This is not always the case on longer, more demanding rides.  That’s when that vaguely annoying squeak or creak might turn into a full-blown mechanical failure when you’re 30 miles from the finish.

That’s why we suggest that getting a bike check (and service if necessary) by one of our mechanics.  It’s one of your best guarantees you’ll have a brilliant time on a bike that is safer and easier to ride.

bike check and bike servicingYou can pop in to any of our stores for a free bike check. From there, we’ll be able to advise if you require a service. There are different options of servicing depending on what needs carried out. Remember, we’ll carry out a bike check and service on any bike, not just bikes that have been bought from us.

However, please note, our workshops often get fully booked out on the week before big rides. We strongly recommend you arrange your service or pop in for a free bike check in good time before your event.

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Do it yourself

If you’d like to learn how to service your own bike, we run regular cycle maintenance and wheel building classes in our stores. Or head to our tools and maintenance section to get the parts to do the job yourself. We also have a series of bike maintenance videos to help you out.

Don’t forget

bike check | water bottleYou’ve had your bike check and service so you know your bike is fit and healthy. But make sure you’re kitted out appropriately too…You’ll find out  soon enough if your shorts cause chaffing or your shoes pinch your toes. Maybe it’s time to invest in some new cycling gear?

It’s also a good idea to pack plenty of fuel for the ride. Adding a water bottle cage won’t add much weight but it certainly makes keeping hydrated easier.

Last but not least

Enjoy it! Your legs might burn. You might need more rest breaks than you planned for. But please please please, take time to soak up the atmosphere, the views, your achievement, the causes you’re helping (if it’s a charity event) and share your memories with us over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bike Check | Bike event

Feel like a champion!

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