29th May 2018

Pashley Bikes – The Joy of Taking It Easy



Enjoy a change of pace with a Pashley

While some cyclists like to pretend they’re training for the Tour De France or Giro d’Italia, some of us want to forget about pace, speed and calories burned and simply relax. And there’s no bike sums up the ‘going at your own pace in elegant style’ more than a Pashley.


The very act of sitting upright and taking your time on one of these traditional bikes encourages you to take in the sights and enjoy the ride. They are also one of the most instagrammable bikes ever!

Pashley Bikes

Set your Pashley against a quaint background and the photo practically takes itself!

Pashley Bikes

Change angle and capture the little details such as the basket for an arty shot.


A Pashley is more than just a bike

A Pashley isn’t just a wonderfully comfortable bike to ride. Did you know that simply locking a Pashley to the railings might boost the value of your house? Neither did we till we read this recent Guardian article.

Riding a chic bike encourages you to dress the part – cue our range of clothing. Think floral patterns, polka dots and of course, a little bit of pink for good measure!

Pashley Accessories - Liv Paradisa

We 💜 the floral graphics on the Liv jacket

Pashley Accessories - pink race cape

A bright pink lightweight jacket that keeps you dry? Yes please 😍

Findra Caddon Merino Jersey

Ultra soft Australian Merino wool which you can wear on and off the bike 👌

Pashley-ise your bike

You could ‘Pashley-ise’ a bike you own already by fitting an Wicker Basket and a Brass Bell to its bars.

Pashley-ise your bike

Pashley-ise your bike with a basket

If you want to take your wee-one along too, with its snooze-enducing reclining feature, the Hamax Siesta Child Seat takes the relaxed riding theme to the extreme. Or if they’re old enough to ride their own bike, fit an Oxford Junior Basket.

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