7th July 2016

All you need in a bicycle and not a single thing more. The 2016 Revolution bikes have arrived.

revolution bikes 2016 edinburgh bicycle cooperative

Our Revolution brand has been discontinued owing to supplier issues. Check out our commuter/hybrid bikes here.

We’re extremely proud to have launched this year’s models of our own brand of bicycles, Revolution. Our 2016 Revolution bike range is designed around a revolutionary concept:

All you need in a bicycle and not a single thing more.

Urban – these bikes are made for going around your everyday business in the towns and cities where most of us live. With the emphasis on reliability, every Revolution bike offers the following –

Sound wheels – Revolution alloy wheels are built the proven way with 32 or 36 spokes to cope with ill-maintained roads.

Name-brand tyres – cushy Kenda tyres on every model for smooth-rolling efficiency and extra puncture resistance.

Knee-saving low gearing – makes it easier to ride uphill.

revolution hybrid 1 2016 bike

The Revolution Hybrid 1 2016, currently only £249

Sure stoppers – confidence-inspiring name brand Tektro brakes on every model.

Extra security – the seatpost clamp and wheels are bolted on (not quick release).

Longevity – every model is built on a lifetime guaranteed 7005 alloy frame.

Smart durable finish – More durable matt black paint on every adult bike: fewer decals.

Great value – nine models at £249 or less.

Track Record

We have sold around 100,000 own-brand Bike Co-op bicycles since 1985.

Designing our own-brand bikes is in-tune with our core co-op mission to make cycling more accessible by offering a smart range of bicycles and bike bits for every budget.

It pleases us no end when we see 30-year old Bike Co-op bikes still in everyday use.

Designed in-house by the people for the people

Our 2016 range was created in-house by our buying team, led by Bike Co-op founder member and current buying director, Mike Sweatman.

With over 40 years experience working with bicycles, Mike is highly regarded as one of the wisest and best-informed people in the cycling industry. Even when he’s not working for the Co-op, Mike’s original and often hilarious take on bicycles is revealed on his own website, Disraeli Gears – a genuinely insightful resource dedicated to derailleurs.

We mention this just to emphasise the fact that you’re in safe hands when you know that every 2016 Revolution bike was spec’d under Mike’s beady-eyed direction. More on Mike.

The Revolution range made simple

We keep our range down to 15 models, nine of them costing £249 or less. Our Revolution range is then further organised into six bicycle categories – Cross, Courier, Country, Hybrid and Path bikes for adults, and Explore bikes for kids.

Revolution Cross

revolution cross 2016 edinburgh bike

Starting at just £249, a Revolution Cross bike delivers the speed potential of a drop handlebar road bike made more versatile with wider 700×32 tyres and clearance for mudguards. Find out more about our 3-bike Cross range.

Revolution Courier


Starting at £249, a Courier is a fast hybrid/commuter bike that combines close-to road bike speed potential with flat bar familiarity. At only £399 the hydraulic disc brake equipped Revolution Courier 2 might just be our best buy in flatbar road bikes ever. Find out more.

Revolution Path


Starting at £249, a Revolution Path makes the commuter / hybrid bike concept even more versatile by equipping it with suspension forks and wider 700×40 tyres to create a bike that copes better if you like to ride on cobbles or off the beaten track. Find out more.

Revolution Hybrid

revolution hybrid commuter bike 2016 edinburgh bike coop

With a choice of three models coming in at just £249, a Revolution Hybrid is our first recommendation if you’re looking for a best buy in commuter bikes, ready fitted with full mudguards and a luggage rack. Find out more.

Revolution Country

revolution country 2016 edinburgh bikes

Our first bike ever was a touring bike called the Country. We’re proud to continue that tradition with a choice of two exceptional tourers: the Country 1 at £499, and the Country 2 with TRP’s (Tektro Racing Products) best buy Spyre disc brakes at only £599. Find out more.

Revolution Explore Kids’ Bikes

revolution explore 20 2016 kids bike

The Revolution Explore 20 is, for the money, one of the lightest weight bikes for kids from 5/6 years old while the Revolution Explore 24 achieves the same trick for youngsters from around 8-14. Find out more. Link to blog.

Generalist not specialist

Our Revolution range is all about creating unpretentious bikes that do their job of reliably getting you around your world at minimal cost.

If you want a more specialist machine, we will be delighted to oblige whether you’re looking for a road bike with peloton-proven features such as a Specialized, Cannondale, Giant or Commençal; a best of British trail bike from Whyte, or a folder from Brompton.

But if you want a simple, inexpensive, generalist bike that will take a beating, consider a deliberately utilitarian Revolution.

Utilitarian: adjective. practical, functional, serviceable, useful, sensible, effective, efficient, (suited) to the purpose, pragmatic, realistic, utility, working, workaday, handy, neat, ordinary, down-to-earth; plain, unadorned, undecorative, unpretentious, unsentimental, hard-wearing, durable, lasting, long-lasting, tough, strong, robust, wear-resistant.

Check out the full Revolution 2016 range

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