13th April 2017

New Bags from Brompton – as cleverly designed as their folding bikes


brompton bags

The latest front bags from Brompton display their penchant for cleverly engineered design solutions that recall the ingenuity of their bike’s famous fast fold.

With a Brompton Front Carrier Block fitted to the head tube of the bike, as shown here, your Brompton is ready to carry any of the bags featured below.

The Front Carrier Block is a mounting bracket that offers instant, secure bag fitting, and equally fast bag release. The genius of this system is that the bike’s head tube takes the weight of the bag laden with whatever you carry in it. This unique mounting system means that you and your bike are barely aware of the weight you’re transporting. Compare with carrying a 20-litre bag full of; say for illustrative purposes, bottles of wine on your back and you get the idea.

Front luggage that doesn’t compromise steering. Imagine that.
Unlike a conventional bike bag or basket mounted to the handlebars, or panniers clipped to a fork-mounted rack, Brompton front bags don’t make the steering heavier. In this respect, this is probably the best front bike bag system ever devised, and yet another reason to consider a Brompton.

Loads of options

Brompton front bags are available in a range of shapes and sizes that would go with any Brompton (pictured here, ready fitted with the Front Carrier Block).

Brompton M6L Nickel Edition 2018 | brompton bags

Talking of looking stylish, every bag featured below comes with a shoulder strap, making it eminently wearable off the bike too.

Brompton Tote Bag (9 litres): £55

Brompton bags | Brompton Tote Bag + Frame


Brompton Roll Top Bag (9 litres): £80

Available in Khaki Waxed Cotton (shown) or Grey/Black/Lime Green

Brompton Roll Top Bag + Frame | Brompton bags

Brompton Shoulder Bag (9 litres): £90

Available in Yellow or Black (as shown)

Brompton Shoulder Bag + Frame | Brompton bags

Brompton S Bag (20 litres): £115

Available in Black/Lagoon Blue (shown), Black/Lime Green or Black

Brompton S Bag + Frame | Brompton bags

Brompton C Bag (20 litres): £115

Available in Black/Berry Crush (shown), Lagoon Blue or Black

Brompton C Bag + Frame | Brompton bags

Brompton O Bag (20 litres): £220

‘O’ means Ortlieb. That’s right: the world’s best folding bike company teamed up with the world experts in waterproof cycling luggage to create one very special bag.
More about Ortlieb.

Brompton O Bag | Brompton bags

Brompton Game Bag (19 litres): £305

Colour: Peat Green

Most stylish bike bag ever? Just the ticket for storing papers, electronics or even a bottle of wine!

Brompton Game Bag + Frame | Brompton bags

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