4th November 2016

New 2017 Giant Road Bikes

giant road bikes 2017

Giant Contend

The Contend is the 2017 successor of the Defy – Giant’s multi award-winning range of aluminium-frame endurance road bikes, famed for offering a perfect blend of speed potential matched with comfort.

Like its Defy predecessor, the Contend is built on arguably the best frame and fork for the money: a Giant ALUXX-Grade butted aluminium frame and a Giant Hybrid Composite fork. Then it’s upgraded with shorter chainstays for even snappier handling. Choose between the Shimano Claris 2×8-equipped Giant Contend 2 and the Shimano Sora 2×9-equipped Contend 1.

Giant Contend 2 2017 £525

Giant Contend 2 2017 road bike

Giant Contend 1 2017 £675

Giant Contend 1 2017 road bike

Giant Contend SL

‘SL’ means that this bike is built on an even lighter double butted version of the Giant ALUXX frame. It’s further upgraded with internal cable routing for smoother lines and a fancier seat lug to support Giant’s amazingly effective shock-damping D-Fuse carbon seatpost.

Choose between the Shimano Tiagra 2×10-equipped Contend SL 2 and the Shimano 105-equipped Contend SL 1. To ensure best possible performance, Giant spec both SL models with near-complete Shimano groupsets, meaning the brakes, chainset, cassette and bottom bracket are all Shimano – and not just the STI shifters and gear mechs as is often the case.

Giant Contend SL 2 2017 £849

Giant Contend SL 2 2017 road bike

Giant Contend SL 1 2017 £999

Giant Contend SL 1 2017

Giant Contend SL Disc 2 2017 £999

Even more impressive, the Contend SL2 Disc come with Giant’s new Conduct cable-operated hydraulic disc brakes, which deserve their own video.


Giant Defy Advanced 2 £1699

Giant now reserve the revered Defy name for their carbon frame sportive road bikes. ‘Advanced’ refers to Giant’s pro-proven, sub-kilo Advanced full composite frame.

For 2017 every Defy Advanced frame is upgraded with neater flat mounts for the bike’s full hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, and 12mm front and rear thru-axles to reinforce the crucial interface between dropouts and wheels to optimise the performance of these superior stoppers.

Giant Defy Advanced 2 2017 road bike

Giant TCR Advanced 2 £1,349

TCR is Giant code for pure road bike. As with the Defy ‘Advanced’ refers to the Advanced Composite frame built by, arguably, the world’s most experienced carbon frame builders – Giant. Then it’s full Shimano 105 equipped so you can be sure that the bike’s 2×11 STI gear shifters and its dual pivot brakes match the frame’s smooth, predictable, confidence-inspiring performance.

Giant TCR Advanced 2 2017 road bike

Giant Propel Advanced 2 £1,499

Faster still, the Propel is Giant’s multi-award winning aero/road bike, which showcases Giant’s unique aerodynamic frame tube profiles and their SpeedControl SL Brakes, which are tucked behind the seatstays and fork to minimise air turbulence and maximise speed.

Giant Propel Advanced 2 2017 Road Bike

Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 2017 £2,549

‘Advanced Pro’ is Giant’s code name that alerts you that the fork is full carbon to match the frame, making the bike lighter still. (On ‘standard’ Giant Advanced models, only the fork legs are carbon – the fork steerer being aluminium.)

Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 2017 Road Bike

Even more impressive, like every Giant Advanced Pro 2017 model, this Propel has been upgraded with a set of faster, lighter (1,700g per pair) Giant carbon composite SLR 1 wheels, worth around 1,000 Euros per pair. Even more audacious, the wheels of every Giant Advanced Pro road bike is now shod with smoother rolling, more puncture-resistant tubeless tyres. If you’re still sceptical about the benefits of going tubeless, we’ll be happy to set the wheels up with tubes when you order any Advanced Pro.

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1

This Defy, like the Propel Advanced Pro, gets the tubeless tyre/composite SLR 1 Wheelsystem upgrade, but this time an even lighter weight (1,650g) disc brake version with 12mm through axles to further secure and reinforce the interface between wheels and dropouts – a fitting upgrade on a bike equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2017 road bike

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