5th January 2017

How to motivate yourself to ride more this year

cycling motivationEven if you’re familiar with the benefits of cycling, it’s easy to restrict yourself to just the occasional specific ride – especially in winter.

Here’s 12 things you can try to get you to ride more this year.

  1. Feeling too tired to ride? Just get on the bike and within minutes, you’ll almost always feel energized, happier and more alert.
  2. Finding it hard to keep up with your mates? If you have the cash, do what one of our friends did and invest in a modern e-bike. He rides it mostly in eco (50% assist) mode so he still enjoys the familiar feeling of pedaling under his own steam. Only now he never suffers to keep up. See also Simon’s blog article – on owning an electric bike – confessions of a fit young lad.
  3. Finding it hard to keep up with your mates #2? You can follow old-school advice and man up/woman up. Getting into the habit of riding beyond your normal limit every ride, even for just 30 seconds on a steep climb, can do wonders for your endurance.
  4. Bored with the same old route? Check your local cycling map (often available online) and you might be pleasantly surprised how a change in terrain can renew the glow.
  5. Icy out? Spike tyres like these inspire confidence.
  6. Try something different. If you only ride trail centres, try a cross-country route or an urban commute.
  7. If you only ride on tarmac, a quick off-road blast on a cyclocross or mountain bike can refresh a jaded pedaling palate.
  8. Too cold or wet? – see Simon’s blog on winter commuting in Scotland.
  9. Sorry, I’m not going out in that! Join a spinning class or take up turbo training at home.
  10. Stretch! Stretch exercises (including yoga, tai chi and Pilates) can help release the tightness caused by intrinsically repetitive activities such as cycling.
  11. Winter doesn’t last forever. It will be March in a couple of months. Imagine that.
  12. Signing up for a spring sportive or mountain bike event might give yourself an incentive to maintain your fitness.

How do you motivate yourself? Leave your comments below!

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