Why merino is the perfect wool for cycling tops and socks

merino wool cycling clothes by findra

Findra is a Scottish women’s cycling clothing brand which puts merino wool to excellent use.

Keeps you warm

Merino wool keeps you comfortable – not too cold, not too hot – over a wider range of temperatures. It helps keep you warm, even when it gets wet. When you do warm up, merino’s porous fibres and its open weave construction accelerates moisture transfer off the skin and helps prevent you feeling clammy.

Stays sweet – no sweat

Another benefit of merino’s porous qualities is that when you perspire, the sweat evaporates through the garment as water vapour before it condenses. This helps the merino garment stay drier and odour free. Add wool’s natural antibacterial lanolin oils and you can understand why a merino garment can remain sweetly whiff-free and wearable – even if you go out in it day after day.

Itch Free

Unlike traditional woolen garments, which can be itchy, merino wool feels luxuriously smooth against the skin, thanks to its superfine fibres.

Even if you’re one of the minority who finds any wool a wee bit itchy, you can wear merino top over a synthetic base layer and still enjoy the temperature regulating, whiff free, good looking benefits of this wonder wool.

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