3rd July 2014

Mech of the Week – week two

Simplex Champion Du Monde Rear Derailleur

Week 2 – Simplex Champion Du Monde Rear Derailleur 1947

From now till the Tour finale we will be featuring one of the derailleurs on view in our ‘mech museums’ – the displays of rare rear gears on view in both our Leeds and Sheffield shops as part of our Countdown to Paris celebrations.

For week two, we feature the Simplex Champion Du Monde derailleur, which is currently on display in our Leeds shop. Despite its primitive appearance, this is the mech Jean Robic relied on when he won the first post-war Tour of 1947.

This mech is part of Mike Sweatman’s derailleur collection. When he is not working at the Bike Co-op (which he has done since 1977) Mike hosts a website called Disraeli Gears.

This site is dedicated to a single subject – the rear derailleur – described by Mike as ‘the definitive bicycle component’. Disraeli Gears tells the story of hundreds of mechs through the 20th Century to the present day.

As well as offering carefully researched information on the derailleurs featured, Disraeli Gears comes alive with Mike’s intriguing commentary, which transcends the conventional catalogue format.

For a flavour of Mike’s insights, go straight to his description of our mech of the week, the Simplex Champion Du Monde Rear Derailleur.

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