17th November 2016

New! The surprisingly low-priced Marin Hawk Hill 2017 full suspension mountain bike

marin hawk hill 2017 mountain bike

The Hawk Hill stands out as a thoroughly trail-competent full suspension bike for just £1,200.

That’s significant because we tend to shy away from sub-£1,600 full sussers because, generally speaking, their compromised spec means they rarely offer good (that word again) value.

Marin Hawk Hill 27.5 2017 £999 [No Longer Available]

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marin hawk hill 27.5 2017 mountain bike

Study the Hawk Hill closely – like a hawk if you will – and you discover it ticks every box on the checklist of what makes a great trail bike.

  • It’s designed by a company based in the birthplace of mountain biking – Marin County, California
  • Marin have 30 years experience designing great bikes.
  • It’s butted hydroformed aluminium frame matches any at this price.
  • Progressive geometry – the slack 66˚ head angle, the low centre of gravity and the long top tube deliver stability, control and confidence on the trickiest downhills.
  • Its wide 780mm bars on a shorty stem ensure sharp steering response when you flick it around tight singletrack.
  • Often rated the best mid-price fork out there, the 120mm travel RockShox Recon Silver RL is renowned for its smooth operation and controlled rebound.
  • The X-Fusion O2 Pro air-sprung rear shock might not be such a well-known name, but we can vouch for its RockShox-like quality.
  • The Shimano Deore 1×10 drivetrain offers the key advantages of 1×11.
  • The BR-M315 brakes deliver the benefits of hydraulic disc brakes backed by Shimano’s world-class quality control.
  • Even the tyres (an area where bike companies often cut costs) are first class – Schwalbe Hans Damph 2.35″ front and rear.

To underline the sheer value of this bike, this is how America’s MTBR (Mountain Bike Rider) website describe the 2017 Marin Hawk Hill.

 ‘One bike we were particularly interested in is the new Marin Hawk Hill. What makes this full suspension build special is the price. For just $1,500, they’ve put together a package that includes a 1x drivetrain, wide bars, and dialed geometry.”

 While some brands focus exclusively on bikes that cost more than most used cars, Marin has found recent success by producing quality builds at a price point that mere mortals can afford… It’s about time. Thank you Marin for giving this bike a realistic MSRP. Other brands have inflated MSRP so that they can put it on “sale” for the real price and make people think it is a good deal. Hope other brands follow suit.’ – Mountain Bike Rider

That Hawk Hill rave review was no one-off.

Coming as it does from one of our smaller suppliers, availability of the Hawkhill is very limited.

However, having our radar out for cycling equipment that offers genuine value is intrinsic to what we do, so we’re proud to say we currently have this bike in stock in every size, small to large, and we can take orders for the XL, which is due to arrive in December.

So there you have it. The Hawk Hill is not on special offer and there’s no money off, but if you’re looking for the best full sus 120mm-travel trail bike at around £999, we don’t think you’ll find a better deal.

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