30th April 2019

Local Bike Shop Day – Saturday 4 May 2019

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Local Bike Shop Day is a nationwide initiative to encourage people to use their local bike shop…But why should you support your local bike shop? There are plenty of online only or big chain bike retailers with big discounts, special offers and fancy adverts. However, shopping at your local bike shop has plenty of benefits you can’t find in the big retailers:

Try Before You Buy

Local Bike Shop - try before you buyIf you’re after a new bike, it’s going to cost you a fair amount of money. Do you really want to spend all that on something you’ve never seen in the flesh? Pop in and see at in one of our shops and you can take one for a quick spin or a longer demo.

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Expertise and Honesty

Local Bike Shop - expertise & honesty

Our staff are bike lovers first, not sales people. You ask us a question about a bike and we’ll probably know the answer. If not, we’ll find out. We won’t try and sell you the most expensive bike in the shop, we’ll see you the bike that’s best for you. After all, as cycling enthusiasts, what we want is for more people to get on their bikes and enjoy it. For example, if you buy an accessory from us (e.g. mudguards), we’ll fit them for free… and you don’t need to worry about compatibility either, we’ll let you know if you’ve picked something that’s not quite right and will advise you what is most suitable.

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Servicing and Repairs

Got a repair or upgrade that you can’t handle yourself? Need a spare part ASAP? That’s when we’re there for you – seven days a week! Remember, a quick trip to your local shop for a replacement part is faster than next day delivery from an online retailer. Plus, all of our stores have bike mechanics to get you back on your wheels as quick as we can. We’ll happily fix any bike, you don’t need to have bought it from us. If you do buy your bike from us though, we’ll give your bike a free six week check to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

We also run classes to teach you how to maintain your bike.

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Something Special

Local Bike Shop - we're a cooperative!And what makes us even more special than your average local bike shop? We’ll we’re a workers co-operative! We don’t have shareholders; we’re owned by the workers who all have a say in how our business is run. In fact, our AGM is coming up soon so we’ll be shutting most of our shops so we can all get together and vote on our board members.

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