29th May 2013

Koga Electric Bikes

 Koga E-Lement '13

Koga E-Lement ’13

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Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s buying team take every opportunity to visit the companies who supply us. On returning from a recent trip to the Netherlands to visit Koga (somebody has to do it) they made two telling points.

1 –  Koga’s was the smoothest, best-organised and most professional bicycle assembly operation they have ever witnessed. Koga’s rigorous product testing was second to none.

2 – Koga’s new 2013 eBikes are the best our buyers have ever ridden. And, trust us, these guys have tried out dozens of electric power-assist machines over the past few years.

Even before they put these Kogas through their paces, our buyers loved the fact that every Koga eBike looked like an ‘acoustic bike’. Note how Koga discreetly mount the battery pack on top of the eBike’s rear rack. They’re also the quietest eBikes you can buy. On a Koga you can enjoy the deceit of flying past fitter riders who will never know your ride is power assisted.

When you get a Koga, you’re buying into a company with a great heritage. Greg Herbold put Koga MTBs on the map when he was crowned downhill world champion in 1990.

Closer to home, Mark Beaumont completed his record breaking round-the-world ride on a Koga. Koga’s E-Lement and E-Xtension borrow key elements from that £2,000 touring bike, from its triple-butted alloy frame to its 700×37 Schwalbe tyres.

Famed for their limousine-like riding qualites, every Koga aluminium frame is backed with a lifetime warranty.

Heck, even the frame’s paint job is covered with a 10 year warranty. This is yet another assurance that if you get a Koga, you’re destined to be a happy eBiker for a long, long time.

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2 comments on “Koga Electric Bikes

  1. Bike Accident on

    hi guys, i was curious about a few things and thought, “well i might as well ask”, so here i am. lets say you dont finish your battery, are you still supposed to charge it every night? ar am i supposed ot let the battery drain out? and what type of brake should i have, the regular v brake or the disk? ive been told both ways so im not sure which one is better… last but not least, i was told that the company “Gold Model” was very good but not so known, but i was wondering is mabye someone knew if it is good and what are its bad sides?

    • Edinburgh Bicycle Coop on

      We’d recommend referring to the owner’s manual for advice on charging the battery. It all depends on the use of the bike, but in general disc brakes will always work better than v-brakes but may add weight. Gold Model is not a a brand or manufacturer we stock or are aware of therefore we cannot comment – sorry!


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