10th February 2016

How to keep your bicycle clean

Clean, Lubed and Luscious

Cycling can be a messy business, but that’s no reason not to clean up after yourself. Dirt and grime wears down the components of your bike and altogether makes for a less enjoyable ride, so investing in some sensible cleaning gear will pay off in the short and long term. Below we present our favourite bicycle cleaning products and a couple of handy videos to guide you on your squeaky-clean journey.

How to clean your bike

Muc-Off Cycle Cleaner from £9.99

muc off bicycle cleaner

The go-to bike cleaner since the 1990s.

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How to clean your bike chain and drive train

Fenwick’s Foaming Degreaser £8.09 (RRP £8.99)[No Longer in Stock]

fenwicks fs foaming degreaser for bicycles

Thanks to its rich shaving foam texture, this degreaser doesn’t drip off the section of the bike you’re cleaning – the chain, the chainset, the wheels or whatever. This makes Fenwick’s Foaming Degreaser more effective and probably more economical to use than liquid cleaners.

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Fenwick’s Wet Weather Chain Lube £6.29 (RRP £6.99) [No Longer in Stock]

fenwicks wet condition bike lube

This synthetic lube is optimised for UK all-weather conditions.

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Fenwick’s Beaded Hand Cleaner £5.39 (RRP £5.99) [No Longer in Stock]

fenwicks hand cleaner bike grease

At the end of the bike cleaning session, 
Fenwick’s HC-1 removes the toughest grease and grime whilst being kind to your hands.

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