9th December 2016

Let’s hear it for sensible Euro bikes – Welcome to Kalkhoff, new in store


The kind of enthusiasm that only German engineering can buy | Kalkhoff bikes

The kind of enthusiasm that only German engineering can buy.

Kalkhoff are admired in their native Germany as the premier manufacturer of trekking/urban commuter bikes.

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Fully equipped:

Like any self-respecting Euro bike, Kalkhoff bikes come fully equipped. This means that they’re fitted with what UK and American bike shops refer to as ‘accessories’, and which North Europeans describe as ‘essentials’. These include:

  • Full-length mudguards to save you, your bike and your cool clothing from rain splash.
  • A pannier rack so your bike can take the weight of anything you need to carry, be it shopping, an office bag or panniers.
  • A heavy-duty kickstand so you can park the bike where there’s nowhere convenient to lean it.
  • Dynamo lights so the bike is ready for action, night and day.

Ever available lighting

The lights Kalkhoff spec are especially noteworthy. The powerful front and rear LED lights are bolted to the bike so you’ll never forget them. The lights are powered by the front dynohub, so there are no batteries to replace or recharge, ever. Plus their advanced standlight feature means that, unlike old-school dynamos, the lights stay on when you stop at the traffic lights.

Kalkhoff Agattu Lite 7 2019 Step-Through Hybrid Bike | Kalkhoff bikes

The easy-on easy-off Kalkhoff Agattu Lite 7 2019 Step-Through Hybrid Bike: £579

Svelte frame options

Unlike a hefty archetypal Amsterdam-style Euro bike, a Kalkhoff trekking bike will be built on a comparatively svelte aluminium frame with modern alloy components to ensure it rides as nicely as it looks.

To ensure the bike matches your personal preference, most Kalkhoff models are available in three frame options: men’s, women’s and step through.

In Europe, step through is the preferred option because it’s so practical for riding in towns and cities, cruising around the market stalls, regularly mounting and dismounting.

Also, because it’s more height adjustable, a step through bike can be a perfect option for couples who live together and want to share the same bike. It can also double as a versatile lend-out bike for people who stay or airbnb with you.

Read our Top 5 Step-Through E-Bikes for 2019

Assembled in Germany

Kalkhoff bikes are assembled with precision and care in a high tech Germany facility by the same mechanics who build Cervélo pro race frames into complete bicycles.

Sound spec

To further ensure quality control and reliability, every Kalkhoff bicycle rolls on tyres made by fellow German company Schwalbe, who have a growing reputation for manufacturing some of the most puncture resistant tyres on the market.

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Acoustic or electric?

Kalkhoff bikes are like guitars. You can opt for traditional or go electric.


If you want to go farther and faster, no sweat, e-bikes are the way to go. If you’re looking for a best all-rounder e-bike, equally fit for smooth roads or dirt roads, it’s worth knowing that Kalkhoff are considered the number one manufacturer of electric trekking/hybrid bikes in their native Germany – Europe’s fastest growing and most discerning eBike market. Here’s why:

  • Every Kalkhoff e-bike in our range employs the German-engineered Impulse 2 electric power-assist system
  • One of the highest power e-bike systems on the market, its 70Nm torque motor will boost you up any rideable hill.
  • It’s a crank-drive system.
  • Crank drive is smoother, it’s more powerful, it feels more natural and it creates a better balanced e-bike.

    Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.I Move 2019 (11Ah) Women's Electric Bike | Kalkhoff bikes

    Kalkhoff Endeavour 1.I Move 2019 (11Ah) Women’s Electric Bike: £1,899

  • Its high capacity Impulse battery delivers up to 130km power assistance per charge (up to 210km on the more expensive models) so it effectively banishes ‘range anxiety’ – the fear your e-bike’s power assist will cut out half way up a hill, miles from your destination.
  • For further assurance, its bar mounted cycle computer continually monitors the battery’s charge status.
  • The Impulse battery will be good for over 1,000 charge cycles – twice as many as first generation e-bikes.
  • Shift Sensor technology – the power assist cuts out for a fraction of a second when you change gear to prevent the jarring that can occur when you shift under load.
  • Shift Sense helps create a noticeably smoother pedalling experience and helps maximise the drivetrain’s life expectancy.
  • Proven and tested – you can purchase an Impulse 2-powered e-bike confident in the knowledge that Kalkhoff have sold more than 200,000 of these bicycles.
  • With battery and power unit especially neatly integrated into the bike design, the fellow cyclists you pass probably won’t even know you’re enjoying up to 320% power assistance.
  • Check how the battery pack snugs in the space between the frame seat tube and the rear mudguard.

Read our blog on the Best Electric Bikes by Kalkhoff or read why Claire had a face sore from all the smiling when she borrowed a Kalkhoff E-bike.

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For all the delights of their e-bikes, there are sound reasons to consider a Kalkhoff acoustic bicycle. The lack of an engine means you’ll get a better workout and, everything else being equal, the bike will cost around a grand less.

Another compelling Kalkhoff quirk is that they offer interesting drivetrain options. Need more convincing, here are 10 reasons to choose a Kalkhoff Commuter Bike.

Looking for a bike with a cleaner, lower maintenance Gates belt drive / Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub gear transmission? Check the men’s and women’s Kalkhoff Endeavour 8.

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Putting Kalkhoff’s fully equipped bikes in context

It’s no accident that the do-anything, fully-equipped Euro trekking bike is the style of bicycle you’re mostly likely to see on the streets of North European cities, where a far higher proportion of the population are likely to cycle regularly.

This demonstrates that if you make your bikes more practical to use, more people will want to ride them more often.

That’s a philosophy the Bike Co-op totally buys into.

That’s why we’re proud to champion Kalkhoff.


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    • Web Master on

      Hi John, it sounds like the cable/hose you’re talking about connects to the rear disc brake, which sits above the kickstand. It controls the rear brake 🙂

  1. Michael Scurfield on

    Hi guys
    I bought a kalkhoff Durban from you guys last year, and toured Europe; 6 countries in 7 weeks. But as I’m an old geezer, 75 I felt the need for electric now and then, especially in Europe where they are so popular.
    Is it possible to fit my Durban up with an electric motor.
    Michael Scurfield

    • Web Master on

      Hi Mick,

      It’s brilliant to hear about your tour of Europe! If you ever wanted to write a blog for us about it, please let us know.

      Unfortunately it isn’t possible to fit a non electric Durban with a motor in such a way that we would recommend. There are kits which we don’t sell which we consider unreliable at best and dangerous at worst.

      Best wishes,


  2. Michael Scurfield on

    HI Simon

    Thanks for your reply. Looks like I’ll have to sell my Durban, and buy an E bike.

    Hope to see you guys in a few months time.

    All the best


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