24th June 2016

James McCallum smashes NorthCoast500 record

And I will ride 500 miles. But in 30 hours?

Huge congratulations to James McCallum who completed Scotland’s hardest, virtually non-stop ride – the NorthCoast500 – in less than 30 hours. That’s seven hours quicker than the previous NC500 record holder, Mark Beaumont.

Find out more about the tragic story that inspired James’s extraordinary 520 mile ride above – it puts it all in perspective. After watching that video, we don’t think we’ll find the Tour o the Borders (which we’re hugely looking forward to) quite so challenging.

Funnily enough, last time we posted about James, it was to thank him for being a guest speaker at our Bruntsfield shop last March when he talked about his continued love of bike riding after retiring from his successful career as a pro cyclist. Chapeau, James.

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