29th May 2018

Why We Stock Frog Kids Bikes

Frog Bikes

Who Makes Frog Bikes?

Frog is a British bicycle company with a mission – to create the best kids’ bikes they can. The couple who created Frog bikes are parents of young cyclists themselves. Being cycling enthusiasts, they know that if a bike is to delight, a good place to start is to make sure it’s as light as possible and that it fits properly. Browse our Frog bikes rangeThis is even more true for children than it is for adults. Growing kids are going to have problems if asked to pedal and manoeuvre bikes that are more than half their weight (sadly this happens). That’s why we are proud to introduce a company that is committed to one goal – making cycling a pleasure from the start. The Frog range covers every children’s age group from toddlers to youth.

What Makes Frog Bikes Better

Like most better kids’ bikes, every Frog has an aluminium frame and wheel rims. What makes Frog stand out is that their forks, hubs, bars, stems, seatposts, V-brakes & levers are all alloy too. This makes Frog bikes kilos lighter. To keep ‘em clean they also come supplied with mudguards.

You can also buy accessories to go with your Frog bike. For kids who need a wee juice break every now and again, add a bottle cage and bottle. Or add a kick stand so bikes aren’t left leaning against your freshly painted wall! Want to inspire the next Chris Froome? How about a cycling jersey!

Frog Bikes | Frog Saddle-o-meter

Measure up the Frog Way

With any bike, adult or kids, specification is important but fit is everything. A factor that endeared us to Frog is that their bikes are sized by leg length rather than more crude measures such as wheel size or age. This real-world sizing takes into account that a 20” wheel bike that fits a 6 year old comfortably might be too big for a cousin or friend who’s the same age. That’s why Frog (unlike most of their competitors) produce two sizes of 20”-wheel kids’ hybrid bikes: the Frog 52 and the Frog 55. The first bike has 52cm step-over clearance, the second, 55cm. To find out your kid’s Frog size bring him/her along to one of our shops to try out our fun Frog Sizer, or check our online Frog Size Guide.

For more tips on what to look for when buying the right kid’s bike, read our full kids bike buying guide.

Colour Schemes

In the Model T Ford-like world of single colour kids’ bikes, Frog stand out for offering a choice of  colourways for each of their models. Forget naff cartoons or TV characters that will be out of favour before the bike gets too small. Think bold, bright and stylish!

Frog Tadpole Balance Bike in Spotty Design

Frog 69 Kids Bike in Orange

Frog 69 Kids Bike in Orange

Frog 67 Kids Road Bike in White

Frog 67 Kids Road Bike in White

Browse the entire range here >

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