10th December 2018

We are now an inner tube recycling point for Cycle of Good

inner tube recycling | Cycle of Good

Inner tube Recycling

inner tube recycling | Cycle of GoodHave you got any old inner tubes lurking around your garage or shed? Hand them in to any of our stores and we’ll send them off to Cycle of Good.

We also recycle lots of other things too – see here.

Where can I recycle my inner tubes?

At any of our shops! So that’s Edinburgh (Bruntsfield and Canonmills), Aberdeen, Newcastle or Leeds!

When can I drop off my inner tubes for recycling?

As long as our shops are open, you can drop them off. Check our opening times for more details.

Are all Inner Tubes accepted?

Yes – any size, any shape! It doesn’t matter if it’s from road bikes or mountain bikes, kids bikes or adult. They can be patched (this just adds to the finished product’s character!) and with or without valves.

The only thing they ask is that there is no slime.

Why should I recycle my inner tubes?

While you may feel that cycling (rather than driving everywhere) is doing your bit for the environment, cycling in itself does have a carbon footprint. By sending your inner tubes to be recycled, you’re reducing your carbon footprint even further as that’s less waste going to landfill. Plus, with Cycle of Good you’re also helping tailors in Malawi.

inner tube recycling | Cycle of Good

inner tube recycling | Cycle of Good


What is Cycle of Good?

In a nutshell, Cycle of Good is an amazing inner tube recycling charity which collects these inner tubes in the UK and sends them off to Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. They then train local tailors (and pay them fairly) to make a range of useful and beautiful products which are then sold in our shops and around UK and beyond. Any profit that the charity makes from the sale of these products goes towards funding childcare and non-profit social enterprise back in Malawi. It truly is a cycle of good!

Registered charity number: 1115608


Buy Cycle of Good products

Shop online or visit us in store to purchase a Cycle of Good product including bags, wallets and keyrings.

Our Cycle of Good Range

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