18th December 2018

How to wrap a bike

How do you wrap a bike?

After a customer enquiry, we put this out to our Facebook and Twitter followers and got some great ideas which we thought we’d combine into one helpful blog.

The Classic

A favourite of many – simply display the bike, pride of place in front of the tree and watch the recipient’s eyes light up when they walk into the room.

Other suggestions are to add a bow or a few balloons to the bike to make it a little bit wrapped but still on display and immediately identifiable.

Wrapping paper

We didn’t even attempt to recreate this here at EBC headquarters. It involves a lot of wrapping paper, a lot of tape and even more time. Plus, as one person pointed out, it’s easy to damage your bike trying to get it all off again – particularly if you get a bit too excited and start tearing off that paper as quick as you can.


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Large box or bag

This is a favourite of some – obtain a massive bag or box and simply pop it over the bike (or put the bike inside). Simple and quick!


The treasure Hunt

When we asked for suggestions on our social media, a few people suggested this and it’s probably our favourite idea!

If they’re young, leave Santa’s footprints (or a piece of string) to follow around the house that leads to bike.


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For older children (or grown-ups!), leave clues that they need to figure out to get to the next clue and so forth until they eventually end up finding the bike. Perhaps in a garage, shed or little used room.

So if you’re giving someone a bike this year, hopefully you’ve got plenty of ideas of how to wrap it (or not). Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – pictures are even better!

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