9th June 2021

How to dress for summer cycling

With the longest day within reach and warmer sunnier days approaching (although someone needs to have a word with May – hailstones??), now is the perfect time to browse and explore our cycling clothing range at the Coop.

What is the best cycling kit for you coming into the summer? Check out our essential guide to clothing you`ll need and want this summer.

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Does the cycling clothing I wear make much difference?

Yes! Properly fitted cycling clothing will help you go faster by ensuring you are not wasting energy as you ride. The most important factor is that cycling clothing is more aerodynamic than regular clothing, as it has a tight fit there is no extra fabric creating resistance against the breeze.

Now that the summer season is upon us and local restrictions have lifted, you will want to ride for longer now, or, for that road racer in you, want to start riding faster. Picking the right cycling clothes is vital to keep as comfortable as possible.

What are things to consider in a cycling clothing?

There are 5 key areas for this to keep you comfortable for longer!

Bike shorts

Woman Cycling

Shorts made specifically for cycling will give you the most comfort while riding, especially if you are going to spend a significantly proportion of your day off or weekend on a tiny saddle! All the brands we supply are designed to be stretchy to give you that freedom of movement and most come with a built-in padded liner providing extra cushion. This helps eliminates friction and help reduce moisture.

Top tip:
Bib shorts do not come up as high, making them ideal on hot days to stay cooler.

Bike jerseysMan in Red Jersey

A short-sleeve, moisture-wicking bike jersey is a great choice on a warm day. For easy access to snacks, money, or your phone to change playlists, it’s worth considering a jersey that has pockets in the back. For when you work up a sweat, select a with a front zipper to help cool you down. A collar can also be a small but effective piece of clothing! By turning it up, you get instant shade for your neck.

Bike socks

Possibly one of the most overlooked pieces of kit! Socks help prevent blisters when spending long periods in the saddle. They also add some element of road safety with most brands utilising bold reflective fibres to provide you with an extra level of visibility out on the roads.

Bike gloves

In warm weather, gloves with cut out fingers are great for moisture absorption – this helps your hands to not slip from excess sweat on your handlebars. Gloves are a great way to ward off wind chill in the extremities that are exposed to the elements as well as improving grip, absorbing road shock, and helping cushion the ulnar nerves so your hands do not go numb.

Cycling eyewear

Choosing the right sungS Works Helmetlasses play a pivotal part when it comes to keeping your vision clear and your eyes free of grit, debris, and the UK rain. Cycling sunglasses from Tifosi, Endura and Smith have become just as much of a fashion statement as functional items, but their primary role is protection. We would recommend that you test fit a pair to ensure a snug and comfortable fit at the shops (Covid permitting).

How to choose clothes for cycling?

We have a great clothing sizing guide section that will help you get the right fit for your body. With the right cycling clothing you will be able to cycle more comfortably than before.

And don’t miss out on other essential items like lights, bottle holders or the big safety feature – a helmet!

However, if you are still unsure of sizing or a beginner, staff at our shops will happily talk you through clothing options with you.Guide



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