2nd August 2018

How Old is Your Co-op Bike?

As you’ll know, we don’t sell cheap bikes. We sell decent bikes (and accessories) at decent prices. Why? Because good quality kit will get you further, easier, more comfortably and for longer. We don’t give you the hard sell, we won’t upsell you a bike or piece of kit that you don’t need or can’t afford. Don’t believe us? Well Eugene Windsor recently got in touch with us with a story we’d like to share:

Eugene has been cycling his entire life, well almost. Here he is on his bike propped up against a fence as a young chap, not quite able to ride it yet.

Fast forward to 1996 and Eugene came to us to buy a new bike (a Marin San Rafael to be exact, the RRP being around £395 at the time) and a few accessories including a seat bag to carry his lock, spare tube and some tools.

Eugene’s bike and seat bag

This bike and bag have been on many adventures together!

The Great Glen Cycleway, 1996

Near Pitlochry, 1997

Northumberland, 1998

And (slightly) more recently:

Near Ceres, 2006

Tentsmuir Forest, 2011

John Muir Way, 2015

Sadly, the little seat bag has finally given up the ghost after 22 years…. However, even if he zipped the bag just once a week, that’s 1,144 times that bag has been opened and closed. And that’s not mentioning how many bumpy, wet and windy miles it clung onto the bike for.

His bike is still going strong! It’s had replacement tyres and tubes, tyre levers and bottle holder. But that’s it! Amazing, right? Divide the cost of the bike over the years and it works at £17.95/year. Even with the few replacements that it’s needed, we still reckon that’s pretty good value for money! Especially considering how many adventures it’s been on.

Do YOU have any old school bike coop purchases that are still going strong? Let us know! We like to spot our Bike Coop bags out and about…

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