6th December 2018

Heated Gloves

Sealskinz Cold Weather Heated Glove – £130 [SOLD OUT]

If you like to cycle in all weathers, you’ve probably suffered from cold hands. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of heated gloves that will ensure your hands stay warm and you can enjoy riding no matter what the weather throws at you, you might have come across the Sealskinz Cold Weather Heated Cycle Glove. At £130 (normally £150), they are an investment but we reckon they’re worth it. Read our review below but first, take a look at the key info.

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Sealskinz Cold Weather Heated Cycle Glove | Heated Gloves

Need to Know

  • Sizes: medium (9″) , large (10″) and extra large (11″)*
  • Colour: black with red
  • Delivery: free delivery or collect in store


  • 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Thermal rating: 5+ meaning you get complete warmth and protection from the harshest of conditions
  • Thermal protection: the heating element has been built into the shell fabric to increase thermal protection in colder climates
  • Three power settings: low, medium and high with integrated control switch
  • 5-6 hour run time with easy charging with USB charger (supplied)
  • Improved comfort: goatskin leather palm with foam pressure point padding
  • Additional warmth: Primaloft Gold insulation, extended cuffs (with Velcro closure) and heat reflective liner are warm yet breathable
  • Additional visibility: reflective knuckle panels give added visibility in low light
  • Thumb wiper: Tricot wiper on both thumbs means you can remove sweat and wipe surfaces

Sealskinz Cold Weather Heated Cycle Glove | Heated Gloves



What’s hot (quite literally):

The heating elements down the back of your gloves keep your hands nice and warm, even on cold winter days. The long cuffs with their Velco closure help keep the heat in too and protect your wrists from all to common blast zone between the end of your glove and the start of your sleeve. If you suffer from cold hands or like to spend long days out on your bike when the wind chill alone can turn your fingers to ice, these gloves are what you’re looking for.

These heated gloves have Primaloft Gold insulation. Never heard of it? Well it’s the leading brand in synthetic insulation. It mimics the warmth providing features that down has but it still provides superb protection in the wet. It works through millions of tiny air pockets that trap and preserve body heat but it’s fibres have been treated so they don’t retain any water. Another nice thing about Primloft Gold is it’s weight – it’s nice a light! A real bonus when the gloves are naturally going to be that little bit heavier due to the battery.

The nice indicator lights make sure you know when you’ll need to recharge and as you would expect, charging is pretty straight forward. With the usb charger you can charge them at home or work.

What’s not:

As you’ll be able to see from the photos, they’re quite bulky. And while that bulkiness is full of the latest technology to keep you warm, it means fiddly little jobs can be difficult. Although if you do take them off for a second to tie a shoe lace for example, your fingers will soon warm up again when you pop them back on.

Your hands may get a little too hot! These heated gloves are definitely for properly cold weather or for people who feel the cold easily. If it’s not cold, opt for a different pair of gloves.

Sealskinz Cold Weather Heated Cycle Glove | Heated Gloves

* Don’t know your glove size? Here are some handy tips:

Relax your hand and measure around the knuckles, excluding the thumb. That should give you your glove size e.g. if you measure 10 inches, you require the large size glove. Sealskinz recommend that gloves are not too tight so if you’re between two sizes, opt for the larger.

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