23rd November 2017

Free Bike Maintenance Demos: Give Something Back Friday

We won’t be doing Black Friday this year, and you can read about why here.

Instead, we want to give something back in the form of free basic maintenance demos in two of our shops this weekend 26th/27th November (granted it’s not on a Friday, but we thought ‘Give Something Back Friday’ had a ring to it):

Basic Roadside Maintenance Demo

Puncture Repair

Chain Repair

Gear indexing (tweaking so the gears shift properly)

Will be taking place in the following shops:

Edinburgh Bruntsfield: 2-3pm Saturday 25th November

Newcastle: 4pm Saturday 25th November

Leeds: 4pm Saturday 25th November

For so many people, having a puncture or gears that have become clunky means that they’re unable to cycle, and they don’t have the knowledge or the confidence to fix it themselves. We want to help everyone get out on their bikes as much as possible, so we’re going to show you how easy it is to do it all yourself. Knowing how to fix a chain or a puncture also means you won’t have to walk the rest of the way home or shell out for a taxi when you’re caught off-guard when out and about.

Just turn up – We look forward to seeing you!

Read why we’re not doing Black Friday


7 comments on “Free Bike Maintenance Demos: Give Something Back Friday

  1. Martin FULLER on

    What a nice idea! Especially as I picked up a (rear wheel, naturally) puncture on my trusty 2009 Edinburgh Cross last night. However, I’m writing this from West Sussex – but if someone would like to pop down from Leeds to fix it, I’d be so grateful.

    This morning, a deluge, but as usual my 2006 Edinburgh Courier Nexus, kept specifically for the filthy, local, derailleur-clogging, mud and leaf strewn, country lanes at this time of year, coped as well as ever. Great pieces of kit.

    In a near future message, could you list thermal legwear, including of course Revolution, f16or men? Thanks in anticipation.


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