21st April 2016

The Giant Full E+1 = Mountain Biking Fun for Everyone


The Giant Full E+1: The best mountain e-bike we’ve ridden.

Last Updated 4th March 2019

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The Giant Full E+ 1 seamlessly turbo-charges a high-end, full-suspension MTB with high-torque power assist.

The result: our first truly trail-capable e-bike that’s as much of a blast to ride uphill as it is downhill.

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‘I love cycling again’

Quotes from our customers who have tried out this bike are revealing.

‘It’s now easy to keep up with my fitter friends/kids/girlfriend’ (delete where appropriate).

‘I love cycling again.’

‘I hadn’t realized how much fun mountain biking could be.’

That last quote is especially resonant with those of us at the Bike Co-op who were around when we first introduced mountain bikes in the early ‘80s.

People would return from their first mountain bike ride with massive grins, having made the following discoveries:

  • It’s a revelation to ride downhill on sketchy dirt roads in complete confidence
  • Fat gnarly tyres can take you places that skinny tyres can’t.
  • Riding off-road, freed from the anxieties of mixing with the traffic, adds a whole new element of freedom and fun to bike riding.
  • Spending an afternoon honing bike handling skills on technical trails can be really satisfying.
  • Mountain biking adds extra spice to the multiple pleasures (the smells, the sights, the fresh forest air) of getting out into the natural world.

An Absolute Hoot

The Giant Full E+ 1 makes these pleasures more accessible to people who might have previously considered mountain biking too much of a grind.

When you find yourself loping up hills with the athleticism of an Atherton (Rachel or Gee), you’ll (re)discover that mountain biking can be an absolute hoot.

yamaha electric bike motor

The Giant Full E+1 electric motor: A thing of beauty

The Revolution Might Be Motorised

We have a hunch that the latest wave of performance e-bikes, typified by the Full E+ 1, might be game changing.

“Mountain biking adds extra spice to the multiple pleasures (the smells, the sights, the fresh forest air) of getting out into the natural world.”

After all, ask most UK adults why they don’t cycle regularly (or at all) and they’ll answer that riding a bike is too much like hard work.

But what if you could get a bike that helps you achieve elevation gain with minimum pain?

What if the bike made you feel like you were always riding with a tailwind?

That’s revolutionary!

Trying is Believing

We’re so confident you’ll be impressed with this bike, we’ll be delighted to lend you a Full E+ demo bike for a whole day or two. Details.

How did Giant get it right? The electric part:

  • Giant’s engineers worked in partnership with Yamaha (who have been developing e-bike technology since the 1990s) to create a higher torque 80Nm motor with the turning power and acceleration required to boost you up off-road inclines.
  • The Giant Full E+ 1’s 500Wh battery is one very impressive fuel tank.
  • Fully charged, this battery will be good for 35-plus power-assisted miles (56 km) in the most challenging conditions (that is a heavy rider, cycling hilly terrain, riding continuously in max power-assist Sport mode).
  • Crank Drive – the motor unit is mounted at bottom bracket level – the strongest, stiffest part of the frame.
  • With its lower centre of gravity, a crank drive e-bike is more stable, the pedal assist feels more natural and the bike is better balanced than one with the motor mounted on the front or rear wheel.
  • While every e-bike they produce has the same maximum power output (250 Watts as stipulated by UK and EU regulations) Giant have calculated that their crank-drive motor multiplies your pedaling input by 300% at full power, compared with their front or rear wheel drive e-bikes, which deliver ‘only’ 180% power assistance. (See article ‘How Far Can I Go with an Electric Bike?’)
  • Giant’s Ride Control LCD bar-mounted computer displays battery charge level and offers push-button control of the power level.
  • If you’re out longer than anticipated, you can drop the power level from Sport to Standard or Eco mode to ensure the battery has sufficient juice to see you home safely.
Rachel Atherton_642x361

With an e-bike you could even keep up with national champion Rachel Atherton (maybe.)

How did Giant get it right? The bike part:

The Full E+ 1 offers you all the advantages of a full suspension Giant mountain bike with the following high-end features.

  • With its 130mm-travel Fox suspension fork and shock, the Full E+ 1 glides over obstacles and steers like it’s on rails.
  • Its Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes bring effortless stopping power to your fingertips.
  • Its Shimano Deore 1×10 transmission and its 11-36 cassette deliver a wide range of gears in a simplified single shifter, single gear mech format.
  • The Giant Contact SL Switch R dropper seatpost lets you raise or lower the saddle on the fly via its remote bar-mounted switch.

£3,199 for a bike?

To put the price of the Giant Full E+ 1 into perspective, this bike seamlessly integrates the spec of a £2,000 full suspension mountain bike with £1,500-worth of state-of-the-art e-bike electronics. The Full E+ 1 offers further evidence that Giant’s economies of scale make them the world’s most efficient bicycle manufacturers and their bikes among the best value money can buy.

Interest-Free Credit

We appreciate that £3,199 for a bike is a step too far for many of us (though you can apply for, say, 12-months 0% Interest-free credit and pay it up at £240 a month after paying a 10% deposit).

Prefer a sub-£2K Giant e-mountain bike?Giant Full E+1 mountain bike electric

Giant Dirt E+ £1,999

The Giant Dirt E+ hardtail mountain bike is turbo-charged with the same £1,500-worth of electronics that make the Full E+ 1 such a blast to ride with minimal effort.

In particular, this hardtail boasts the same Yamaha crank-drive 80Nm torque motor, which makes the Full E+ 1 a truly trail-capable e-mountain.

Concealed Battery

One of the coolest features of the Dirt E+ is that (unlike the Full E+ 1) its battery is concealed inside the frame down tube, so riders you pass won’t necessarily realise you’re enjoying 80Nm torque power assistance.

Trying is Believing

As with every display bike in our shops, you’re very welcome to take a Giant Dirt E+ for a quick spin. (Just remember to bring along id, proof of address and a bank card).

Better still, if you want to put the Dirt E+ through its paces on the dirt, you can arrange to try one out for a whole day or two. Details.

If you’re won over by the Giant Dirt E+, it is available on 0% Interest-free credit (like every £500+ bike we do).

Example: leave a 10% deposit, and then pay for the bike over one year at £150 a month.

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