8th July 2019

Giant Electric Bikes

While the ‘E’ in E-bike usually stands for Electric, Giant makes it stand for ‘Extra Fun’.

Graeme from our Newcastle store gives us his thoughts on the Giant Fathom E+3 (and the E-2) and whether than E really is for extra fun…

Giant Fathom Mountain Bikes Giant Fathom E+3

£1,899 (from £65.69 per month)

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This was a surprisingly enjoyable blast straight out of the shop.

Comfortable geometry, nice handling, smooth delivery of power from the SyncDrive Sport motor powered by Yamaha and easy on the bar adjustment from the RideControl remote. Very nice indeed.

For those that care about seeing what speed you’re doing, or the tinkerer that likes to adjust everything they get their hands on, simply connect your phone via Giants RideControl app and bar mount your phone. Simple.

Made the ride back from the quayside an absolute breeze. Straight back to work without the need for oxygen. What more could you want?


Giant Fathom Mountain BikesGiant Fathom E+2

£2,199 (from £76.06 per month)

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Well, for a few quid more (£300 to be precise), there’s the Giant Fathom E+2, 27.5″ for £2,199.

Worth every extra penny.

Bigger EnergyPak, better forks, better brakes, better gears…………… just better.


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If you’re interested in an electric mountain bike, take a look at our finance options. Remember, you’ll also benefit from free UK delivery or collect in store, whichever is more convenient. Plus, if you buy any accessories from us e.g. mudguards, we’ll fit them for free!

Giant Electric Bikes

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